Prophecy of life! Pastor & Wife fight over church In Enugu

This story is kinda funny but do read!

Pastor Ralph Okebu (47) and his wife Prophetess (Mrs) Caroline Okebu
are presently at loggerheads over ownership of their church, Victory
Pentecostal Ministries International Incorporated based in Enugu state.

Right now, the church is divided into two factions. Members who
belong to the camp of Pastor Ralph Okebu (47) turn up in the morning
while those who hold allegiance to his wife, Prophetess (Mrs) Caroline
Okebu (51) attend in the afternoon.

Before the worship arrangement was arrived at, congregants on both
sides had fought physically over the use of the church auditorium
located at Km 1 Enugu – Onitsha Expressway. According to a source, it
took the intervention of the police to restore some form of order in the
church, adding that policemen were stationed in the premises for two
Sundays to avoid bloodshed.

Narrating how the crisis began, a lawyer who happens to be the church administrator, Chuks Okonkwo, said told SUN “A problem arose in the Church about last year… it followed a
that was released by the prophetess in the ministry, Prophetess
Caroline Okebu. 


Part of these prophecies touched on the general wellbeing of the
Church while a part of it touched on certain members of the Church,
including the head pastor, Pastor Ralph Okebu. But the personal message
that touched on Pastor Ralph Okebu could be seen to be what led to the
factionalisation of the Church because in his own thinking, such a
message shouldn’t have been revealed on the pulpit and the message had
to deal with his amorous relationship with some female members of the
church. And it was a warning. “

And that was how the war began!

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Continuing, the lawyer said “…the police came in and the Enugu State Commissioner
of Police personally took over the matter and was mediating. So, as
this lasted, the police at some point, about three months ago, decided
with the leadership of both factions that the Ralph Okebu led group
should be having morning service to dismiss at 12noon while the
Prophetess Caroline led group should have their own service thereafter. 

As a result of the crises, Pastor Ralph Okebu and
Prophetess Caroline Okebu are no longer living together, Okonkwo said. 

At 10.46am on April 11, 2014, Sunday Sun called Pastor Okebu on his
mobile phone to fix an interview appointment with him, so that he can
state his own side of the story. But he said he was in the village
because his children were on holiday, promising to call the reporter
when he gets back to Enugu the following day.

Having waited for his call till 5.30pm the following day to no avail,
the reporter called his number again without response. At 5.32pm, the
reporter sent him an SMS but he did not reply. The SMS reads: “Good
evening sir. Are you back? I’m still waiting for your call.” He is yet
to call.

Had to cut out some parts but you can read the full story HERE in the SUN newspaper.


Kemisola Ade

Kemisola Adeyemi is the Assistant Editor of Kemi Filani News. She loves to write and write and write and hopes to own a publishing firm someday! Email: [email protected]


    1. The truth is the woman is no longer comfortable with the husbands extra marital affairs, hence the vision that she saw which is more like a fake vision, just that she wants to use it as an avenue to bring the matter to the notice of the customers ,sorry congregations. The damage had already been done and the best solution to this problem is for them to share the loot, sorry again pls, the property and go their respectve ways. GBAM

  1. The Devil is trying to bring ridicule to the name of Christ but he will not prevail. God is in charge the gate of hell cannot prevail. I just pity the wife of the pastor,instead of supporting the husband's ministry,she had allowed herself to be a tool in the hand of the Devil.
    The congregation should better leave the church,because God is not an author of confusion and wherever the Spirit of God is,there is liberty. Wherever the Fruit of the Spirit is lacking,then the works of the flesh shall flourish. May God help us.

  2. Funny story, plenty fake churches everywhere. What amazes me most is that people actually attend this church and think that God is being worshipped there.

    So unfortunate.

  3. Thank God for blogs eh, choi, the full story on SUN was too long kemi, couldnt even finish it, ahh han, wetin. Anyway, May the gud Lord av mercy on us. My God is not a god of confusion.

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