Police Officer beats up, tears up pregnant woman’s clothes in Lagos

A police officer, Aurthur Okeke  (ID. No.453255) has been caught on tape
violently harassing a heavily pregnant woman in Lagos.
Not actual photo
According to Busayomi – the victim’s sister-in-law – who tweeted the incident earlier on today,
Arthur not only dragged her pregnant sister who is in her 3rd trimester out
of the bus, but also beat her up and even went ahead to tear her clothes just
because he wanted to rest his head on her back rest. 
This happened on Monday at the Bar Beach, Lagos and Busayomi says her sister has been at the hospital ever since!
Watch the video HERE
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  1. why was the woman arguing with him in the first instance, she shouldn't have talked. Women should learn to respect men!!!!

  2. God Punish you anon 13:07 did you come out of a woman at all?Is that a yardstick for beating up a woman with life growing inside her!

  3. The notion of the reporter and reader was that the police was wrong in his action against the pregnant woman but you should allow the public to know the statements or the woman action before she was beaten up by the police. People should remember that police or security personnel are human like other people in the town and without them u can not enjoy yourself bcs your enjoyment is as a result of weldon job of security man or men.

    1. Hahahaha… I see u have no education just literacy… na wa oo! I've always said that our problem isn't really corruption but uneducated minds like you roaming the street and fooling people with english from an un enlightened mind… I feel sorry for your kids!

  4. Madam kehinde ur speaking grammar a law enforcement agent shout comport his or herself whatever the case may be I stay in states and this is totally unacceptable so please!

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