Kefee’s body yet to arrive Nigeria; Nigerian community in Las Vegas ask for help

A certain commenter who claims to be Kefee’s elder brother, Obareki Kevin, called me out yesterday for the “Kefee’s corpse arrives Nigeria” post.

just a fool posting stories that are false just to get traffic on your
stupid blog..You called claiming to be a friend and next thing you
publish reports given in confidence.Now what corpse was received
ehn, idiot?Pray you don’t meet calamity” he said.

Just so you know, I didn’t call Kefee’s brother to get any info. whatsoever, so whoever you are, you probably spoke to the wrong KEMI and No, is not a stupid blog :)….NET initially broke the news yester-morning and that’s where I got the info. from!
Anyways, contrary to reports that Kefee’s body arrived Nigeria on Tuesday,
June 17, her Nigerian publicist has divulged that her body is still in a
mortuary in Las Vegas, USA.

Justifying the Publicist’s claim, Nigerian community in Las Vegas
have issued a statement, appealing for the release of the body of the
late singer.
The statement signed by its president, Mr Festus Ebonka,
reads thus: “we appeal to Nigerians to help take her remains back home.
Lots of protocols here and there to follow. It’s not a simple process.
Her husband is devastated and not ready to speak yet. ”

Don Momoh is said to be inconsolable since the passing of his wife of two years.
Kefee died on June 13 from lungs failure after 15 days in coma at Desert Spring Hospital, Las Vegas.
Meanwhile, a celebration of life and memorial service will hold today in California.
May her beautiful soul rest in perfect peace, amen!


Omotola Ekeinde’s daughter bags ‘headgirl’ title

Omotola Ekeinde's pretty daughter, Meraiah has just been made the head-girl of her school…congrats to her! Of course, this is news because she is Omotola Ekeinde's daughter and yes to prove to the world that she is not just pretty but super-brilliant!
"OMG! Congratulations Meraiah !!! On becoming the Headgirl of your school and outstandingly so. WOW! #BeautywithBrains you inspire me! You all inspire me… Your older brother #CaptainE is also the youngest producer in Africa at #15 ! #ThankyouLord #Grace #Jesusislord! #recordbreakingFamily #itsourthing ? #AfricaRising #proudmum" Omotola excitedly wrote!


Man sets wife ablaze for giving birth to only female children

A middle-aged woman, Mrs. Monica Nwakpuke has been allegedly set ablaze by her husband for giving birth to only female children.

Her husband, Paul Nwakpuke who is a patent medicine dealer,
allegedly hired some assassins to kill his wife because she could not
give him a male child.

ThisDayLive reports that the three assailants laid ambush for Monica
outside her father’s home, a few nights ago and when she eventually came
out, they descended on her, blindfolded her, beat her black and blue
and kidnapped her on their motorcycle.

“They doused her with fuel, set her on fire and when they discovered
that she had been severely burnt to the extent that she may not survive
it. They abandoned her and ran from the scene,” sources told ThisDay.


Sex Advice By a Pastor’s Wife to Young Brides

Article was first published on Romance Meets Life.

 Ruth Smythers, beloved wife of The Reverend L.D. Smythers, Pastor of the Arcadian Methodist Church of the Eastern Regional Conference, years ago shared this 'satirical' advice to young brides….read below

 (PS, This is a SATIRE!  Do not try this at home!)

Procedure of the Intimate and Personal Relationships of the
Marriage State for the Greater Spiritual Sanctity of this Blessed
Sacrament and the Glory of God.

To the sensitive young woman who has had the benefits of proper
upbringing, the wedding day is, ironically, both the happiest and most
terrifying day of her life.  On the positive side, there is the wedding
itself, in...

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