KFB Movie! Patience Ozokwo, Toyin Aimakhu’s husband and Uche Jumbo got me laughing hard in ‘After The Proposal’

 After having had a very busy yesterday, I decided to relax with one of the ‘newly released’ movies I bought during the week- I didn’t want something that would get me thinking hard like ‘Confusion Na Wa’ or kill my already ‘tired’ soul like “Red Hot’, so I previewed scenes from the several movies and then settled for ‘After The Proposal’…oh wow, the very first scene was completely  Hi-La-RIOUS!!!

You can watch the trailer HERE.
Director: Desmond Elliot
Producer: Uche Jumbo and Uduak Isong
Cast: Patience Ozokwo, Desmond Elliot, Uche Jumbo, Belinda Effah, Keira Hewatch

It revolves around a mum, Patience Ozokwo who is bothered
about her three daughters, especially the eldest, Uche Jumbo for being
single at over 30. The meddling mother of the three unmarried daughters
puts immense pressure
on them to find husbands.

With three daughters, no son, Mama Mary can’t wait for one of her daughters to bring home a man!

invites a prophet, Adeniyi Johnson to pray for them and does everything
‘do-able’ just to help her daughters. She even goes as far as inviting
home a rich but illiterate businessman – Desmond Elliot (his accent
killed me, loooool).

Anyways, her prayers are soon answered as Kenneth finally
proposes to Mary (Uche Jumbo) after having courted for about 8 years but
er-mm, the Bride price list causes more problems!

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‘After The Proposal’ preaches against the expensive and
unrealistic bride price that Igbo elders often give to their
son-in-laws. We are in a new age and such practices shouldn’t be
worshipped anymore.

 Thumbs up:
Make-up, lightning, back ground music and everything was on point.
The characters interpreted their roles well especially the three sisters – on point! I love the argument between the girls on who will be the
chief bridesmaid, Belinda Effah is good actress, watch out for her…she kinda
looks and acts like Tonto Dikeh though.

It was fun seeing Patience Ozokwo play an entirely different role from her usual ‘wicked roles’ in the movies.
Keira Heswatch the flirty boss with the attitude interpreted her role well.

Haven’t seen her in any movie since she featured in “Two brides and a baby’ though
The scenes where Kenneth was pricing items on the bride price list –  hilarious.

Favorite quotes from the movie:
“This is not car, it is Ka’ the ‘R’ is gone….push your ‘KA’ when you get your car, then you look for people to help you push it”  Patience Ozokwo to Kenneth

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“I was asked to send my children to school, I have done
that, now what has education fetched me. Has education fetched you husbands or
babies…..Is English what you are going to eat” Patience Ozokwo to the girls
“I have fleets of shops everywhere In Lagos, Idu-n-mon-tah
(Idumota), Ah-la-bah (Alaba), just ask for IK, Ego international, that is what
I am known for, I am in point. You don’t sei (say)…baby girl you are Boutiful
(beautiful), you are in (on) point” Desmond Elliot
“Mama you have to stop harassing us with this husband
business” Uche Jumbo
“Now listen all of you, next time I come here and you are
not all engaged, I will take you all down to the village for proper cleansing” Patience Ozokwo
“But mama where will we buy husbands from or are we going to
rent?” Belinda Effah
“You girls are still sleeping on the day of marriage eh” Patience Ozokwo.
 Kudos to Uche Jumbo and Uduak for this movie, I abso-lutely-freaking enjoyed it!!! #okbye.


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