KFB Best Friends Alert! Desmond Elliot and Uche Jombo-Rodriguez

There are best friends and there are BFFs, yea you read that right.
Movie stars Uche Jombo and Desmond Elliot are BFFs; they are so close that even their marital partners (Uche’s hubby, Desmond’s wife) can at-testify to it!

These two ol’buddies have always being best friends – they have come a long way.

Desmond calls Uche his “HollyNolly sister and bestie’ while she calls him “my brother, my love, brother from another mother and most importantly someone I call my amazing Friend”

They always have each other’s backs and support their ministries (business partners) – he directs all her movies while she features in his movies as well.

While getting married to hubby Rodriguez in Peurto Rico, Desmond Elliot was the first celebrity to travel with her for the occasion -only best friends do that!

Desmond Elliot and Uche Jombo have
been together for a long time…that’s enough time longer than many celebrity
marriages. Not even the successes and the multi-million Naira endorsements have
strained their friendship.

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desmond elliot and uche jombo rodriguez at GIAMA

P.S, they are both happily married! #okbye!
Btw, here’s a quick tip on how to be a great best friend.

Share Laughs —-> There is nothing like laughing and smiling to bring people together.
Besides, when they’re really friends, you guys can laugh at the dumbest,
smallest, weirdest stuff and it doesn’t really matter. Take time out of
your day to appreciate the funny things in life.

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Kemisola Adeyemi

Kemisola Adeyemi is the Assistant Editor of Kemi Filani News. She loves to write and write and write and hopes to own a publishing firm someday! Email: [email protected]


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  1. kemi you forgot this info, Desmond is already the god father of Uche's yet to be borned baby, thanks me later #winks

  2. I dont believe that a guy and lady can be just friends without fucking each other for once.Esp if the lady is hot while the guy is hans!It's impossible.Even last week they secretly nyash themselves.

  3. Nice one. I hope their friendship wud last longer than this. Kemi, Bukky Wright and Funsho Adeolu are bffs. Check on it

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