Kefee diagnosed with pregnacy induced high blood pressure, needs miracle to survive — Doctor

Oh no, Kefee really does need our prayers NOW than ever!

pregnant Kefee is suffering from a pregnancy induced blood pressure –  pre-eclampsia.
say the chance of Kefee getting out of coma is slim as her situation not only
requires prayers for survival, but also a miracle.
close source who claimed anonymity told Tribune during the phone conversation
“Kefee surely did not know that she had a high blood pressure before she
embarked on the long trip and suddenly went into coma in the air. That she is
pregnant has made her situation dicey, so she will need a miracle to survive, a
doctor told me.”
medical doctor in Nigeria, Dr Adeyefa, shedding more light on Kefee’s
condition, said
“Kefee is in a precarious situation because of the six months
pregnancy. If the foetus had been nine months, the doctors would have removed
the baby and saved the mother and child. As it is now, not only will the baby
not survive because the carrier is in coma, Kefee may also lose her life from
further complications. The chances of the mother surviving is narrow, while the
kid has a narrower chance. I urge Nigerians to pray for her for a miracle
because that is what she really needs,” he added.
had embarked on a 14-hour flight to Chicago for an event but went into coma,
forcing the plane to land in Los Angeles so that she could be urgently attended
husband,Teddy Don-Momoh, confirmed the downward turn in her health by calling
for prayers for her from Nigerians.
just need prayers now. She needs our prayers because there is nothing
God can not do. Prayer is the key.” He wrote in a statement.
Kefee you will come out strong in Jesus name (please say a word of prayer in church today), amen!
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    1. I pray she recovers in a miraculous way. amen.
      But if I may ask, why do Nigerians or perhaps Africans like to be delivered of their baby(s) in the USA or other developed countries? God help us, I think traveling by air for about 11 hours in not medically advisable for pregnancy above 4 months.

  1. I get irritated when I see people asking for prayers. Save your prayers and donate money to the family.

    Prayer is a complete waste of valuable time please. Thank you.

  2. When u r pregnant,u nid a lot of rest! At dis stage,she nids not 2b flying about,I pray God heals her.

    1. Dear God you raised Lazarus from the dead. Come and prove yourself again pls. God please heal this lady and shame the devil and his agents.

  3. I pray for her recovery fast o. But if this news is true this is serious. this was what nearly took my wife's life six years ago. 4 days in comma after six months pregnancy. and we even monitored it from day one and it got to escalating level where many professors took over. all hope was lost. b.p shot to 200 and the doctors were helpless, but she came back miraculously from coma after we were told similar report to pray for her.
    chai, God will revive you as he did to my wife then.

    Besides, why on earth someone like this will not monitor your health in pregnancy… if she attends ante natal regularly something like this would have been discovered earlier. I think in her quest to have american citizen as a child cost her this.
    God will help u survive this.

  4. Obviously this Nigerian is not well informed about eclampsia and pre-eclampsia.. there are a lot of resources material you can Google to get information. This is nonsense

    1. That you are a christian doesnt guarantee that you wil make heaven. The Bible says not all those who call God father are worthy to be called his sons. Moreover kefee's heavy makeup in her musical videos always put me off.

  5. Doctors should just cultivate the habit of work and pray than speaking it out, this news is enough to make peeps panic nah

  6. some months back my child went into coma and I could not do anything bcos d case looked hopeless but prayed. God in his infinite mercy showed up and he regained full consciousness and full recovery of memory and all that, nothing was lost. I give him all the glory once again and forever more. The Lord Jesus christ
    who did dis for me is alive and he can do it again. I therefore decree and declare in the mighty name of Jesus that kefee will recover fully and there shall be no loss in Jesus name. Amen.

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