Students flee as Boko Haram targets Adamawa State University

Oh dear! Students of Adamawa state university have started fleeing the campus, following threat letters sent to the school from Boko Haram.

The last letter sent to the school had a pound of flesh clipped to it.
It dripped with blood (see photo below).

According to Saharareporters, the word of the letters has shaken
both the student body and officials at the school.

Most of the Adamawa State University students who use

the only hostel available to men have not slept there over the past

The hostel, also known as ‘Barde Hall,’ according to a
SaharaReporters source, was nearly empty of students beginning on
Saturday evening.  Barde Hall, is also popularly known as “256” by many
in the student body.

It is a popular ‘hang out’ spot for many of the
students attending. It is also seen as a safe space, and resting place,
that normally has scores of students milling around outside during the
academic year. Many of the students did not sleep, or ‘hang out’ at the
hostel on Saturday night. It was ghostly quiet.

A student source told SaharaReporters that the atmosphere at the
hostel worsened on Sunday night. In room A5, a student confided that, he
was the only person that slept the night in his room.

Another student said that many of the occupants had fled to the
nearby town to seek shelter instead, where they believe it to be a much
safer place. Yet, the tension Monday morning picked-up, when students in
Barde Hall awoke and found a letter placed on a wall that was written
in the Hausa language.

The letter, when translated into English, reads,
“Last warning.”

But this time around, it had a pound of flesh clipped to the letter.
It dripped with blood, and was described as somewhat black in colour,
though looking as if it was not long since this section of human flesh
it was cut off.

This caused panic among many of the students at the hostel. They then
openly questioned the  efforts of the university security men, and
called them to the hall to remove the grisly letter. The students denied
the letter was written and posted by a fellow student among them to
thge arriving security men. They then demanded to see the schools’ vice

The Adamawa State University Vice Chancellor is Dr. Alkassum Abba,
who arrived shortly afterwards, and addressed the students in a tense
exchange over the letters and this latest note placed on a wall dripping
with blood. Abba was peppered with many questions from the assembled
students about school security. But to many in attendance Abba’s
explanation was neither reassuring, or satisfying.

The Vice Chancellor according to a SaharaReporters source reportedly
insisted that nothing will change with the school’s academic calendar.
Strangely, the students were told that their exams will be held as
earlier scheduled.

As it stands now, many of the Adamawa State University students have
packed their bags, and also, reportedly, packing out of the hostel.


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