Sad! Nigerian girl murdered in South Africa by her Zimbabwean boo (photo)

This is a sad story.

The pretty gal above, Naizi Evah, 20, a third year student of Computer Systems Engineering studying at the Vaal University of Technology South Africa, was murdered by her Zimbabwean boo on Saturday morning.

According to her friends who sent in this story,  “She has been dating the Zimbabwean guy for a while but she got tired cos it was an abusive relationship, he would hit her at any slightest provocation and she loved him still.
She knew he was bad for her but it was hard to let him go cos she loved him.”
“She finally summoned up courage and broke up with him in December 2013. The guy however refused to let her go, he was always threatening her….she reported him to the school authority and he was sanctioned.
Fast forward to Saturday morning, he showed up in her room….argument here and there, beatings and he ended up murdering her. On realizing what he had done, he ran out, went to the security officials and cooked up a story…they believed him at first, followed him to the girls’ room etc…somehow they got to know he was the culprit plus he had blood some blood stains on his body…kemi it is so sad”

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Before venturing into any relationship, ladies should be wise….any man that hits you doesn’t deserve you! Flee from him if he hits you once….

May her soul rest in peace!


Kemisola Adeyemi

Kemisola Adeyemi is the Assistant Editor of Kemi Filani News. She loves to write and write and write and hopes to own a publishing firm someday! Email: [email protected]


    1. Because love is blind and as a result you believe the guy when he promises not to hit you again. Once dated a psycho while in school, he always got mad at any slightest provocation, if i talk to another guy on phone for more than two minutes, he wud be angry, he was always jealous and too over protective but was very nice and sweet. Whenever he screamed at me or hit me, he would cry with me and apologize, it took God's grace to eventually call off the relationship.

  1. Sad! Love is blind..
    I wonder hw gurls tolerate such frm jst a bf who's nt even their husband.
    Anyway pls let ur love be Open nd nt blind Oo,If a guy attempts to hit yu or even hit yu,pls walk away frm him cos he doesnt deserve yu @all..

  2. Sm girls are very dull in d sense dat dy like guys who will use dem as punching bag may her soul rest in peace Amex

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