Pastor Adeoye celebrates his wifey, Sunmbo #HappyMothersDay

Aww, we love this!
Pastor Adeoye of Royalty Christian centre celebrated his wifey, Sunmbo Ajaba by sharing a very lovely photo of her (below) with this lovely caption:

are Playing so many roles at the same time. The Purity of your Heart is
2nd to none… On behalf of the 3 Boys in your Life. I say HAPPY
MOTHERS’ DAY! The Lord will continue to Bless & Uphold you.”

And then Sunmbo wrote “I
dedicate my Mother’s Day honor to all the Mothers across the World.
Especially those in pain over the unjust abduction of our ChiboK Girls
& those whose children have been killed in the past & current
bomb blast, the mothers of the victims of Jungle Justice, #ALLU4
& all waiting mothers, & widows, who have one way or the other
been mocked and ridiculed. May God wipe your tears & fill your
hearts with Great Joy for today and always. Happy Mothers Day with All
of my heart to You”
She also shared the photo below:

I was a mom, I never knew I could love someone so much, I didn’t even
know the feeling of having my heart outside my body. I was clueless how
someone so small could make me feel so important and Happy. Thank you
God for the gift of motherhood & Thanks Boys for the privilege to be
called your Mom. #nino #zion #mamanino #enuBoys lol”


Is it wrong to address Pastor E.A Adeboye as “Daddy G.O”?

So we found this interesting article written by a certain Femi Aribisala and decided to share it here.
Enjoy it below:

Beloved Christians: stop calling your pastor “Daddy.” You must have no other Father but God.
Pastor Adeboye of Redeemed Church testified
that for some time all his children were girls. When he finally had a
boy, he quickly became his favourite child. But one day, the boy fell
sick. The more Adeboye prayed for his healing, the worse he became.
Finally, he cried out to God: “Why won’t you heal my son?” The Lord
replied: “Because he is your son, I won’t heal him.” Therefore, Adeboye
quickly changed his line of prayer. He declared that the boy was God’s
son and asked God to heal him. When he did this, the boy was healed.


Stella Damasus celebrates Daniel Ademinokan’s mum

Lucy Ademinokan. My prayer warrior and partner. You taught me patience
and endurance and helped me understand the power of the name of Jesus.
Thank you for your love and kindness." Stella posted some minutes ago!
Daniel Ademinokan also has this to say about his mum:

Mothers Day to you mummy! Your are truly the best mother anybody can
every hope for. Your photograph should be right next to the word
'mother' in the dictionary.

Through thick and thin, through fire and rain, you have stood by me with
your prayers, love and words of wisdom. When I tossed my college degree
aside to chase my dreams as a filmmaker, you didn't kill me with
disheartening words instead all you said was "whatever you do, make...


Plane crash! First son of Inspector General of police narrowly escapes death (photos)

Pilot Jamyl Abubakar, son of Nigeria’s Inspector General of police,
narrowly escaped death on Saturday, May 10, after his IRS plane
crash-landed at Niger Republic.

The aircraft, Fokker 100, belonging to IRS airlines crash-landed
yesterday night around 7:30pm in Niger Republic on its way back to
Nigeria after C (maintenance) checks.

The two people on-board the aircraft, the pilot and co-pilot, survived the crash.

When the Police Boss was contacted, he confirmed the incident, saying
he was full of gratitude to God for preserving the life of the pilot
and his son, the co-pilot.

Jamyl had on May 8th tweeted photos of the brand new looking 5N-SIK plane after a test flight.

He excitedly announced it was the best looking aircraft he had seen.


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