KFB Movie! Ladies, Dayo Amusa’s ‘Unforgivable’ will teach you a big lesson! #SayNoToDomesticViolence

Unforgivable - Ainidariji Nollywood Movie

Wow, wow, wow…Dayo Amusa’s Unforgivable movie is truly a must watch  – it will make you cry, laugh, cry , cry and cry!

  • Starring – Desmond Elliot, Mike Ezuruonye, Dayo Amusa, Iyabo Ojo, Bukky Wright, Fathia Balogun, Adeniyi Johnson
  • Directed by Desmond Elliot.
  • Language – English/Yoruba
  • Produ er – Dayo Amusa

Honestly I didn’t watch to watch this movie cos I felt nothing good could come out of Dayo Amusa…saw her last movie in 2012 – Dewunmi Iberu – which featured Uche Jumbo and Justus Esiri and it was a total waste of time…

Anyway, ‘Unforgivable’ blew my mind…it was worth the two hours spent watching it on Iroko TV…it would be released on DVD soon!

Story: Unforgivable tells a love gone sour story – revolves around Sewa, Richard and Damola.
It tells the story of a
handsome university boy (Desmond Elliot) who has a crush on a fellow undergraduate
female student (Dayo Amusa), however lacks the courage to approach her, he gets
disappointed when his roommate – a womanizer (Mike Ezuruonye) takes over.

Damola is a chronic womanizer –  girls liked him and he liked them in return, and then Sewa, the girl his room-mate was crushing on, fell in love with him and even though
friends warned her..she waited, forgave him for always cheating and eventually married him but the outcome was disastrous… 
Along the line, she became emotionally and physically abused…had cancer, death, regrets.
Thumbs up
The transitioning from the past to the present
was wow!
Mike Ezuruonye and Desmond Elliot’s yoruba was so sexy and good. 

Mike Ezurounye did not
play the usual ‘village champion’ role, he acted well.

 The young Desmond Elliot (Adeniyi Johnson) and Mike Ezuronye were so cute. I loved the attention to details… each of the young actors looked exactly
like the older actors.
The quality
and sound is on point. The subtitle was extraordinary, no spelling or typo errors.
Also loved the cross-over of
English-Yoruba actors. Before now, there has always been a silent
divide between Nollywood (English speaking actors and actresses) and
their colleagues who featured more in indigenous movies. Good to see a
good blend of both worlds.
The directing , set, camera, location was on point.

IPPIS saga: Yoruba youths caution NASS over ASUU’s position

Thumbs down:
The hospital
scene was somehow, the doctor (Bukky Wright) didn’t look sympathetic at all, she just broke the bad news to Sewa like that, at some point it felt like she was smiling…emotionless face!

Also, we weren’t told what made
Damola change to start treating the wife the way he did, we weren’t told why.
Moral lesson: This movie is great
lesson for both male and female, never force yourself into a relationship. Ladies should always try to
control their emotion…don’t fall in love with a guy that treats you like shit…it is not a MUST to marry a cute and famous guy. Also, you never know what you have until you lose it.
Domestic violence shouldn’t be allowed please – It might not be easy to identify
domestic violence at first. While some relationships are clearly abusive from
the outset, abuse often starts subtly and gets worse over time. You might be
experiencing domestic violence if you’re in a relationship with someone who
1. Calls you names, insults you or puts you down 
2. Prevents or
discourages you from going to work or school 
3. Prevents or discourages you
from seeing family members or friends 
4. Tries to control how you spend money,
where you go, what medicines you take or what you wear 5. Acts jealous or
possessive or constantly accuses you of being unfaithful 
6. Gets angry when
drinking alcohol or using drugs
 7. Threatens you with violence or a weapon 
Hits, kicks, shoves, slaps, chokes or otherwise hurts you, your children or
your pets 
9. Forces you to have sex or engage in sexual acts against your will 
10. Blames you for his or her violent behavior or t ells you that you deserve it.
…no woman deserves to be beaten! #SayNoToDomesticViolence #SayNoToAbuse #StopTheViolence #BreakTheSilence
This is one of the greatest Nigerian (yoruba)
movies I’ve seen in recent years. Absolutely informative and the storyline
absolutely spot on. What a great piece of work. You can watch the trailer HERE.

Tireni Adebayo

Tireni Adebayo is the Editor of Kemi Filani News. She has BSC in Mass Communication from the Redeemer's University and M.A in Mass Communication from the University of Lagos (2014 - 2015) where she majored in Public Relations and Advertising and Digital Media.  When she is not writing, she is either listening to music or reading her favorite books. Tel: +2348061000090 Address: Herbert Macaulay, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria Email: [email protected]


  1. Kemi you are right, this movie is a movie although i i didnt start from the beginning. Started from when they were in the future, sad storyline. Desmond Elliot directed the movie well but his yoruba was annoying and not in anyway sexy.

  2. Lmao, Dewunmi Iberu was a disastrous movie. I rented the movie at a video club because of the catchy posters and adverts on tv but mehn i wasted my movie, it had no story. Will try check this one out sha

    1. Obviously most peeps got the movie becos of uche jumbo and justus esiri. And uche looked skinny and sick in the movie

    2. i havent seen dewunmi iberu but the way y'all painte it esp kemi makes it seem unnecessary but i have seen INU by Dayo n it really wowed me. @KFB, are doctors meant to b sympathetic or stern in breaking news to patients…?

  3. I cried oooooooooooooo, saw it at d cinemas last year twice. Alone and with my boo. So tochin. Love is blind ehhhhh. It cud have happened to anybody

    1. She is to be blamed too. Women across the world should know if a man does not like you, just find one that does and loves you too. Love is the key, not money or status. The movie made me cry tho. All of the acting was excellent.

    2. I watched it last year at Ozone. Actually er, the movie got me teary- eyed for the most part but bn the strong gal that i am, i kept controlling the urge to cry. At the end of it, emotions got the better of me and i just couldn't help but cry. The babe beside me was worse, she went home with red eyes.

  4. Toyin aimakhu's husabnd johnson was really cute in da movie. He looked like a play boy and that scene where he was trying to toast adesewa was so funny. The way he smiled sheepishly and said ok bye was stupid but hilarious. Cool movie yeah.

  5. Kemi where else can one watch it apart frm iroko tv. Me i dont have 5dollars to subscribe and without that i cant watch. Rubbish. Any free site showing it or when wud it b released on dvd abeg.

    1. Your poverty mentality, psst. Back to Dayo, she really did justice to d movie. I cried bitterly. Good good good movie.

  6. Will wait til it's out on cd, my internet data plan is too precious to be exhausted on a two hours movie, thanks kemi

  7. Kemi, this film reminded me about my past with my ex-boo, but now i moved on with my new life, The truth is, there are a lot of women who are in the same situation, to any one out there experiencing domestic abuse please get help before its too late. Loving too much kills too, one act of desperation can cost you and yours for the rest of your life.. we women need to learn and wisen up.Awesome story line and great acting! Moreover, are you sure Mike Ezuruonye is not a wife beater in real life, lol, and for your question kemi where you said we weren't told why Damola changed and started acting the way he was acting towards his wife, the truth is Damola has been a player from d beginning of d movie and Sewa knew all dis yet still forced herself on him by asking him 2disflower her thinking she would change him. Damola never really loved her and d lesson here is dat no woman can change a man especially d womanising unless God intervenes.

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