KFB Health Talk! Fruit for Diabetics: Apple

Diabetics have to monitor their blood sugar level to prevent the symptoms of diabetes. So, it is important to regulate what you consume and fruits, which are one of the healthiest ways to stay fit can increase blood sugar
levels. Apples which are one of the healthiest fruits, can they be
eaten by diabetics? Here’s what you need to know about apples and diabetes.

Benefits of Apples:

Apples are
rich in antioxidants, which are essential for preventing cell damage and
rebuilding cells. Apples are excellent for preventing cancer, mental health issues like Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease.

Apples make a great weight loss fruit, which has a high satiety value and prevents cravings.

This fruit is great for washing off cholesterol from the system and improving heart health.

Apples for diabetics:

As for diabetics, apples are great at reducing the blood sugar
level. It is great for pre-diabetics or borderline diabetics, as apples
can reduce the symptoms of this disease. Apples contain carbohydrates in moderate levels and can be consumed every day.

Glycemic index of Apples:

Apple has a low glycemic index that is, 30-50, which make it an excellent fruit for diabetics.

is best to consume apples in its raw form without any caramel or sugar
sprinkled on it. In general, fruits are great for healthy living, but it
is important to note that fruits have varied glycemic index which can
spike blood sugar levels. Hence consume the right amount of fruits to be in ship-shape.

Ok guys, join us for another health talk next Tuesday….xoxo, kfbers rock!


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