Guy proposes to his woman during her elder sister’s wedding

Aww, this is so cute.

Kanyinsola was her sister’s bridesmaid for the day and she never could have guessed that she’l be engaged to her boo the same day!
She gladly walked down the aisle with her elder sister, Subomi and played her role as one of the maids of honor…a few hours later, she was swept off the ‘single ladies market’.
At the wedding reception, when all the single ladies gathered to catch ‘the bride’s bouquet’, Kanyinsola surprisingly caught it and while still basking in the euphoria of being the ‘winner’,  her boo stood up, approached her and got down on one knee.
They were both nervous, Kanyin wondered what he was up to…aww!
Next thing,  he summoned up the courage and gave a little “You mean the world to me….my life is incomplete without you….I want us to start our family speech
Kanyin started crying and some of the guests wiped off a tear or two from their faces while many others aww-ed!
She was completely shocked and embarrassed and shy because
everyone was watching…anyway, she said “Yes” and they embraced!!! How cute…
See photos below:

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  1. Yaaaaaayyyy Thats my main man Ibrahim… he's a very cool dude and hard working too. I live next to him so I know. Wish them all the very best.

  2. Okay this is cool but what if she had said no and walked out like it happened with one chinese dude last year. Guys we love that you r actually going al the way to make us feel special but please let there b some moderation to it. If i were d gal i wud probably have said no cos i dont like all these public proposal thingzzz.

    1. You would ve said no and then do what next? walk out of the relationship? hell no i suppose. He must ve known the kind of gal hes dealing with. No offense o

  3. Inshort I know both of them, kanyin studied at the Convenant University , while Ibrahim is a hard working guy.

  4. it's really romantic but it seems they stole some of the shine from thebride and her beau. it should be all about the bride and her groom on this special day #just saying

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