What’s happening between Pastor Chris Okafor and his estranged wife (photos)

Bessem with torn clothes
Bessem with torn clothes

Okafor, the estranged wife of the pastor of Mountain of Liberation
Miracles Ministries, Dr. Chris Okafor, has accused her husband of
beating her up at their home in Magodo, Lagos.

Chris Okafor
According to PUNCH, Bessem who left her home in 2012, said
she had, a few weeks ago, gone to visit her four children who were in
the custody of their father.

The visit was said to have been arranged
by a lawyer from the Office of the Public Defender, Lagos State
Ministry of Justice, and her husband’s lawyer, Mr. Onyechukwu Ubani.
She said, “I have not seen my children
for nine months and our lawyers agreed that I could come see them at
home after school hours by 5pm. I went to the house at the appointed
time, but my children were not there.
“I had to wait outside in the compound
until 10pm before my husband arrived; the children were not with him.
They were later brought home by the driver about 12am. By then it was
clear I couldn’t leave again, I had to spend the night.
“The following morning, I bathed and
dressed them for school. They pleaded with me to stay back until they
returned and since I hardly spent time with them the day before, I
A few hours after her children had left
for school, Bessem received a phone call from Chris who had also left
the house. He allegedly questioned her presence in the house and ordered
her to leave.
When Bessem insisted on staying till her
children returned from school, Chris allegedly sent a policeman who was
part of his entourage to the house.
She said, “The policeman told me to
leave the house. At that time, I was wearing only my dress. I had washed
my undies and spread them to dry since I didn’t come with extra.
“I told the policeman that I would leave
after my children returned from school. Later, Chris came in and on
seeing me, he started beating me and dragged me out of the house.”
She said some policemen came to arrest her, but could not go with them because her clothes were torn.
The following day after making a
complaint of assault at the Isheri Police Division, she was hospitalised
at the Solid Rock Hospital, in the Ojodu/Berger area.
A copy of her medical report made available to PUNCH Metro said Bessem was brought in for treatment after a brawl with her spouse.
It reads in part, “Examination revealed a
middle aged woman in distress with multiple bruises, BP 140/80mmhg and
pulse rate 104bpm. There was inflammation around the left knee and
tenderness along the spine. She was subsequently admitted, placed on
intravenous fluids and managed as case of multiple trauma secondary to
domestic violence.”
The report was signed by one Dr. Ametepee T. M.
Chris, when contacted, did not respond
to calls and a text message to his phone. Our correspondent visited his
church at Ojodu on two occasions, but his aides said he was not
available for comment.
When PUNCH Metro contacted the
Lagos Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Ngozi Braide, she did not
respond to calls and text messages to her phone.
However, Chris lawyer, Ubani, said,
“Bessem has made all sorts of allegations against her husband,  but what
she has failed to tell you is that she left her marriage of her own
volition. She ended her marriage with her infidelity. She would leave
her house, come back at late hours and would not tell her husband where
she has been.
“The couple are already in court for
divorce. This particular incident you are asking about, it was Bessem
who tore her own clothes. Chris never laid a hand on her. Why did she
not get a medical report from a government hospital?
“If she was truly assaulted she would
have gone to the station to make a report. Then they would give her a
paper to take to a public hospital. That of the private hospital is not
admissible in court. Chris never refused her access to her children;
they were simply brought to the church because his mother and cousin
were not at home. After bringing some policemen from Isheri to arrest
Chris while he was at the pulpit, she still went ahead to Zone 2 to make
another report.”
The PPRO Zone 2, SP Lewi Suleimann, when
contacted said, “We are still waiting to get the file transferred from
the Isheri Police Station. I would not like to comment much before we
get the file.”
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  1. Am not after who is telling lies or the truth, but my advise is they should stop washing thier dirty linen on public.

    1. Your pastor is innocent because he is a man of God?! Be a big fool. No matter what a man's wife does it is heartless to keep her from seeing her children. Lawyers had to be involved in this. Don't u pity the children? they miss her. Moreover, the are underaged children which according to child's right act, are to stay with their mum until they come of age. Am sure at least she is a good mother. All this keeping tbe children at church because no one is there to care for them is unhealthy. Let your so called pastor seek the face of God for guidance and directions

    2. What foolish "pastor" is a man of God??? A man that tells helpless Nigerians to pay at least 50k before laying his fiilthy hands on them before they can get healed of any spiiritual problem or sickeness? I guess his "Jazz" is still very much in ur system. That's why urself and other gullible Nigerians still attend his "church" looking for what's not missing!

  2. well only God knows. but a man of God that can drive a one way traffick on busy berger road just because he has some police escorts, can beat his wife and manipulate the case. men of God should learn to act responsible. people are watching you know. even unbelievers. God help us

  3. I wish people will read the story properly before making comments. I am privileged to know both of them very closely. I have spoken with both of them this morning when i saw this stories flying. The woman have had to use me to get close to Pst Chris's mentors. I know their response at one time or the other. Truly, its painful, but we all know how it is when we take an action with an intended intention but it turns out bad. She moved out on her own volition…which is a normal things with women and even marriage, she was only trying to "famz" but it backfired. Now, she is employing scandals to get back at him. We all know how this works, She just doesnt want to go without a fight. I wouldn't say Pst Chris is totally innocent, after all i am not in their bedroom, but i am 100% sure it was a wrong move gone sour. She thinks hitting him will affect the church.

  4. Reading the story, u could tell how stubborn the wife is. A pastor wife that want's divorce, Is not a God fearing woman. marriage is not always a bed of roses. marriage is an institution between two individuals of different upbringing, there is room for mis-understanding and settlement for nobody is perfect. It is the duty of the wife to be submissive and the man to love the wife. Divorce is never a solution in times of trouble. Did she ever considered the hard times the children will go through growing up with the mum's figure in their life's before opting out of the marriage? Bessem for the love of God repent and for the sake of your children beg your husband for forgiveness so that peace will reign in your home. prov 31

  5. Let us perceive d matter dis way, d pastor breached d scheduled appointment from 5pm till 12am, hell did not let loose, now d woman overstayed her visit for just dat afternoon and beating commenced,methink d pastor should have exercised restraint and allow d woman to leave after the initial warning.

  6. Man of God u cannot be distracted. The devil is a liar. The devil has seen destinies hanging on u and that is what he is fighting. We will continue to pray for u.

  7. I tink d woman needs deliverance wht happening t her it nt ordinary we shld view it frm spiritually.d so called pastor shld deliver her or take her t prophet tb joshua he handles such cases easily

  8. D wife is a torment 4rm d pit of hell 2 her husband.let me open at first b4 she left 2 yrs ago, she always complained dt d husband never had time 4 her, always in church,prayin nd she started flirtin around, dats 2 tell u dt upon d wife of such powerful man of god shes stil bound 2 d yoke of flesh. my self am a married woman wit 3 kids i hve trained by body dat i can stay wit my hus in d same house 4 like 7,8,9 mnths witout sex. talk more of she a pastor's wife. in marriage sex is secondary infact na jara. so she a big fool 2 hve dragged her hus into such mess. 4 all i knw Prophet doctor chris okafor can never be a wife beater.

  9. Of a truth, the man is of know Blame, do not speak out of Biblical, u all know right from day one of Earth, woman is always at fault, a woman under divorce for 2years don't have legal right to pass a night, my Pastor Chris was patience to let her pass a night, nobody mentioned dat, d next morning, he was patience to let her have her break fast, nobody talks about dat neither, so why is she waiting for a Lunch in d House of a man she want to divorce with? OK u tell me, u came to visit ur children by 5pm, b4 7:30 u ought to go home since dey where not Around, u can check on dem d next day if u don't have a mission dat night to pass a night, why would u wait till 10:pm to 12am & say it was already late? U women judging my Pastor without using wisdom to judge. U are on ur own. D above photo doesn't prove that she was bruise as she claim. Her face was fresh. Courtesy: Monday Austin

  10. Hmmmmmmmmm
    Mountain of liberation ministry destroyed my 2yrs lovely relationship. My fiance met a pastor from this church and in less than one month I became a devil in his eyes.because of several fake revelation from ur soo called prophet. Imagine, my kind man became automatically wicked in the name that he is serving God better. One day their manipulation cup will be filled oneday like rev king their patner in crime. God is watching. Every fake pastor destroying d good records we d penticostals has made will face God's judgment oneday.just oneday.

  11. No matter the rumor, Liberation city will continue to rise and never fall, any man/woman who has no critics has not yet started. Let all those offended for one thing or another keep calm and focus on the God u serve. Let just keep praying for all God's General all over the world not just in Nigeria. The bible says, I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail.. I love the man of God, Dr Chris okafor, I love is ministry, He is a blessing to our generation

  12. Pple mind wat u say about anyone who is holding a title dat is connecting to God whether true or fake dat shouldn't be ur wat d word of God says we should do & from wat u wrote about Dr Chris okafor shows u r not yet a christian but u might be a member of a church but not yet a born again.i kno of pple who hv been in liberation city,they didn't say pple should pay money bfor u can see him.he is a busy man,he moves from state to state,country to country in d mixed of this he kept a day aside for his partners I mean those supporting liberation tv & to contribute to d church is from #50k & to partner is from #5k.wat is his crime here to pay #50k & I hope I'm not making any mistake on my explanation ,if there r no partners r u going to pay d thousands of $ they pay for viewers all over d world to see dat channel.if u desperately needed him & u were told to pay #50k so u can hv d opportunity of meeting him one on one is dat enough for u to put it as if u must pay to see him or do pple pay him to locate dem in church.becareful of wat u say about him,d grace of God upon him is one of a kind. he blesses,he heals & he can as well curse be careful not to attract curse to ur generation be wise.

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