Tiwa Savage’s ‘Strange’ Honeymoon Message

  Who is making a move with Tiwa Savage’s idea? Though she doesn’t find
this hindering her in any way, the music star, whose wedding held last
Saturday {and is away on honeymoon with her husband Tuneji Balogun}, took
to Twitter at 6.45 am today to advise her fans on
sharing their ideas.  In the message, Tiwa said: “Be careful who you
share your ideas and vision with.#They will steal your dream #you know
who you are #God don’t like ugly #it will never be # as good as the
original #gbam #back to my honeymoon”.


10 things guys think within the first 5 minutes of meeting you

Ladies in the house, you might want to check this out, lol!
Believe it or not, we’re doing more than just looking at your breasts.

1. Why is she talking like that? There are three types of voices: low
voices, high voices, and “I’m going to try and be cute by purposefully
talking in a high pitched baby voice.” Sometimes this is cute; sometimes
it just gives us a headache.
2. Why is she smiling at me? Everyone is a sucker for a nice smile,
but guys really pay attention to how you smile at them. Are you smiling
politely, or are you giving them a sidelong glance across the room? Have
you totally stopped caring and broken into a genuine giant grin because
of something funny the guy said? The last one is the most...


Psquare’s publicist calls out Linda Ikeji; Laura Ikeji defends her sister

  So while we were all worried that
Nigeria's biggest musical group was gonna break up, the parties involved while actually laughing at the media reports.    Their publicist  Bayo Adetu in a recent interview
with Icon Weekly magazine  said it was all a publicity stunt and
that celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji who broke the story properly misled us
all. He even dissed Linda and called her a mere blogger and this didnot go down well with her sister, Laura.     Laura mocked Bayo and told him to his face that her sister earns more than Psqaure!!!   See excerpts from the interview below and Laura Ikeji's response:   "Greetings, Bayo, we heard that
the Okoye brothers have finally reconciled, can you give us an insight on what
really happened?

(After a long laugh…) “My brother, I'm telling you this as a friend, there...


“World’s Fattest Woman” slims down so she can ‘dance all night’ for wedding (photos)

World's Fattest Woman - April 2014 - 02

38-year-old Charity Pierce
who holds the current world record for fattest woman alive, has
revealed plans to slim down, so she can walk down the aisle with
her fiancé 22-year-old Tony Saur.
Because Ms Pierce, who is the
fattest woman in the world, has developed a medical condition called lymphedema,
which has caused a huge swelling on her left leg, she no longer fits easily
into a regular car. 
Painful: Single mom Charity has been left almost entirely housebound because her weight and leg problems make it difficult to move

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