Nyanya bombing update: President Jonathan visits scene, hospital where survivors are

President Jonathan arrive Nyanya Motor Park
Media scrum as Pres. Jonathan address media
Sniffer dog on scene of attack
At the hospital
A few hours ago, President
Goodluck Jonathan visited the Nyanya Motor Park bombing scene amidst tight – he was there with the senate
 He also visited victims at the Asokoro hospital and urged the medical
practitioners to do everything possible in their care to save the lives of the victims. Right now, the death toll has risen to 71.
Meanwhile blood is urgently needed at the Asokoro General
Hospital, Abuja for surviving victims from the blast. 
See more heartbreaking photos below:

Blood soaked in abandoned personal items
How my third wife toasted me after my first and second marriage failed - Yemi Solade
Some of the burnt vehicles
and more burnt vehicles…
crater at the scene of blast


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