Meet the Mike-Bamiloye boys! (photos)
Mike Bamiloye
Actually, they are not boys, they are GUYS!

So, kfbers meet Dami and Joshua – the handsome sons of top Gospel movie producer, Mike Bamiloye of Mount Zion Film Productions.
Dami, Josh and their younger sister

 P.S, Mike-Bamiloye was a year older on the 13th of April, happy belated birthday to him.
Grew up watching his movies – started with the Agbara Nla series – and still do!
Movie thingzzz!

Dami is the first son, he graduated from Bowen university years ago and he says his dad is his mentor and role model. He is into movie production as well – the likes of ‘Fiwajomi’, ‘Dying with the king’, ‘youthful lust’ etc.
Dad and Dami
Dad and Dami
Mum and Dami

He started as a script writer but he has added another cap to his job title – he now oversees and produces movies too.
Proud Parents
The Bamiloye’s cutting their 25th anniversary cake
Happy family

Joshua, the second son is the music guru in the family, he is behind
all the musical effects in most of Mount Zion’s films. You can check out
some of the tracks (HERE).
He graduated from Bowen university last year – he also loves photography.

Just like Adekunle Gold, we are in love with Mocheddah's fashion style (photos)
Joshua and Mum
The Mike-Bamiloye boys!


A few months ago, Gloria and Mike Bamiloye happily talked about their 25-year-old marriage, if you missed the interesting interview, you can check it HERE!


Kemisola Ade

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  1. I love this family of God! May give such a happy home like this in Jesus Name! May God bless and watch over them to the end. They will not fail this generation! They will all end well! I love them so much!

  2. God bless this family for they have blessed so many homes with their power packed movies. We don't joke with their movies in my home and church.

  3. Kemi lemme complete the report for you. Dami is doing his msc abroad already and he is engaged, would be marrying soon #winkz #thankzmelater

    1. Haba biko lie softly nah. Engaged @ 23+ where is he rushing too. The poor boy has got more impprtant stuffs than marriage to think of.

    2. Already a movie producer at 23+ wow that is very impressive. Thats why ladies shud marry early, Gloria married at 20 and 25 years after she is starting to reap d fruit of her labour. Awesome.

  4. It's good that Mike is already introducing the family business to the boys so they will carry on in years to come. To you babes crushing on Dami, you need glasses, have you seen Josh?

  5. awww, like father like sons. The resemblance is unique, didn't know they had a daughter though.
    Recently saw the Abobaku movie where theses guys featured in, they acted well. Their father must be so proud of them. Gloria is ever beautiful, respect.

    1. I am telling. She wears her natural hair and uses no makeup and stil looks this pretty, i can imagine how prettier she wud look with makeup

  6. None of them even took after their mum's complexion. Nawa o, not even the last born. Dpes she act too, she looks like a shy type

  7. I jes dont like the idea of all this over holy people. Gloria looks too plain abeg. She needs to step up pls. God doesnt look at d outward appearance but the heart.

    1. there is NOTHING wrong with how she looks. That is how God made her, and she carries it well!!!. That is a woman confident in how God made her. Kudos to her to be able to carry this off, in Nigeria, in 2014. Not a small feat.

  8. God bless this family. i grew up watching mount zion films and my mother is a biggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg fan of their films. May God bless papa and Mama. Do they have a website where people can buy their films directly. I would loveeeeeeee to buy some copies for my mother. I wish their presence can be felt more online. God bless guys you inspire people a lot.

  9. We dont watch any other gospel movies in our house apart from bamiloye movies. Their acting is superb and one can relate to the storyline. I also enjoy d musical background, very intersting especially the one in that nysc movie they did sometime ago. I rily loved that movie.

  10. Wow….thanks Kemi….I actually love everyone in the family more but I began to love Dami since he began acting. What endears me to the family is their fear of God and availability for Him to use. Dear bloggers even in this present generation, God is still very much in us raising godly families. God help us all to raise godly children. In Jesus name. Amen

  11. Happy family…Dami is crushingly irresistible..I think he takes afta his mum..d beauty is just too much..Josh is always behind d scene,I cant say much abt d same,d guys ar rili gud

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