#KFB Only God Could Have Done This!

I am a young man who started work in a bank about
five years ago. All through the years, God saw me through. 
Many employees have
been swept off, I knew no one except God. Within the five years I have spent
there, about three trimmings had taken place.
The adage says, you use what you have to get what
you need or your target. I am a man. What else do I have apart from my
God-given talent, education (like everyone else or almost everyone) and God.
Without HIM, I could not have been where I am. I remember
the first two years after graduation, then I had nothing. I applied to a number
of places for employment, it seemed there was no hope for me. My parentage
could not be reckoned with.

 I had higher national diploma in Accounting, whereas
those with first degree make our chances very slim in the market of
opportunities. Here I am today by the grace of God who foreknew me even before
I was born.
People talk of being self employed, yes that is the
best. Some are blessed to start off from nothing but their talents. Some are
privileged to have support from those God places around them. My case is determined
by God, that is why his favor has sustained me beyond my widest imagination in
the banking industry till date.
As marketers, we are faced with the challenge of
meeting the bank target within the specified period. Some of us use our family
connections, some because of their sex stats (female) have things falling into
place for them. I am not saying they are promiscuous. They are just blessed I
would say, having the goodwill of many men who are largely in the world of
wealth creation.
Where then am I, a male without any family name or
history in the generation of who knows who?
Help me tell somebody there is God.
Kemi just encouraged me to share this testimony to
her readers, I had preferred to share it on one to one platform to encourage that
person that God brings my way that God makes way where
there is no way. 

us next Sunday for another soul lifting testimony…BTW, if you have
got a great testimony you’d like to share, kindly send it in to
[email protected]
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