Don Jazzy finally finds love…now dating Freda Francis?!

Ok guys, so here’s some yet-to-be confirmed gist….Don Jazzy spent the weekend in Dubai – he was there for Tiwa and Tunji’s wedding.

night he partied hard at the wedding after-party and then went to bed
with some chic (we are not sure who yet) but there are to reasons to
believe that the chic is one Freda Francis, a socialite. 

See more below:


Quick update: Don Jazzy has said it is all a joke….here’s what  he just posted

dear bloggers. I love my fans and followers and I love having fun with
them on my timeline. Pls when u do ur blog posts try and explain well so
ur readers know that we re just funning around o…Ejor I dey beg”…loool

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Jude Okoye’s fiancee gushes about her Diamond Engagement Ring (photos)

Jude proposed to Ify Umeokeke, MBGN Tourism 2012 on Thursday 24 April. 

He shared this selfie of both of  them (photo above) while she took to her instagram page to gush about their engagement and  how lucky she is.

"Can't thank God enough for this @judeengees I was only celebrating your birthday and never expected this.Wow I can
stare at my fingers all day.I pray that this journey of a life time
will never end and may happiness never cease in our home.... Thank you
for you messages n kind words. #luckiestgirl #blessed #bride
#Godiswonderful #bling #diamond #asoebi #wedding #omg #lol #okbye"


Experts say Tiwa Savage’s wedding gown was a No, No!

While everyone else was admiring Tiwa Savage's cinderella-like wedding gown yesterday, some experts were busy analyzing the gown.
Here's how the Style Experts report it:
must have spent a fortune, wasted days and hours for fitting and
amendments, but the expert jury we put together to access the wedding
dress has given velvety voiced Savage a hard knock!

For the untrained eye the dress looks sensational, and that
includes this reporter who described it as amazingly beautiful, but the
Vera Wang...

Are you the eldest girl in your family? Then, Read This…

Angela Merkel & Oprah Winfrey

Why You're Likely To Succeed Like Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, JK Rowling and Beyoncé...

If you are female and the first born in the family then you are the one
who is most likely to succeed, according to new research.  
have claimed that if you are female and the eldest child among your
siblings then you are likely to be more ambitious.  Angela Merkel,
Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, JK Rowling and Beyoncé are all firstborn

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