Cool FM’s Daddy Freeze lives like a king!
You have all heard he he rocks the most expensive wrist-watches, well there’s more, he rocks the best shoes and cars too – all his cars have customised plate numbers….he likes like a king!
Oh by the way, his kids are adorable.
See more photos below:

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  1. stop showing off dude, as long as you are not as rich as Dangote then these bling blings you claim you have dont matter

    1. God bless you for this statement. You said my mind. He doesnt even stand in the list of the top 20 entertainers in Nigeria

  2. A 1000naira wirst watch and socalled damn mulitmillon naira wristwatch perform d same function. All na vanity upon vanity. Moreover kemi that house i c in d background looks old and ugly. If he is that rich why is his house fugly

  3. Nothing special about those wrist watchs nah. They look like the usual 5k, 10k, 15k watch. Of all the things to buy and waste money, this man chose wristwatchs. Smh.

  4. He is this rich and still working for someone else? Oh pls he shud have his own radio station or business and be his own boss.

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