A tale of UNILAG girls and their hair

 Ladies, how much  – time, money and effort – do you spend on your hair?

During my Uni days, my usual hairstyle was – Braids – cos I could it carry it for a month plus or two, plus it was cheap….plus I wasn’t exactly a fan of ‘weavons/human hair/Brazillian hair etc’…lol, that was then though!

Anyway,  SaharaReporters TV recently took its cameras to the University of Lagos to ask the opinion of some female students on how much they spend on their hair.

Many of them openly admitted that they spend more on their hair than books, and feeding themselves while a few others stated otherwise (here).

A fellow blogger, Adeola Adeyemo thinks the prettiest girl in the video was the one with no ‘hair”…how ironic, is there anyone else who thinks so?!


A True Love Story! “We became friends after he offered me biscuit in the Library” Tope and Ayo

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They met during graduate school and became
friends after he offered her ‘biscuit’ in the library...nicey!
how they met, the beautiful bride beamed with smiles "Oh, Please call
me Mrs Ayo Adeola....we met at Graduate school in 2009. As my mother
always says, we were
sent to school for a Masters degree, and we decided to come home with an
additional degree, lol.

Our initial (albeit uneventful) meeting was at the induction ceremony
for all international students. I was with a Nigerian friend, and he
came to talk to us (talk about close marking, lol). We all
talked for a little while about settling in, and went our different
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