Wizkid/Dotun of Cool FM get in between the Linda Ikeji/Olamide fight

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olamide versus linda ikeji

So here’s one of the top gist for today: Linda Ikeji, and indigenous rap star, Olamide, engaged in a bitter Twitter fight some hours ago.

The bone of contention from all indications resulted from a report on Linda’s blog – Linda had earlier reported that Olamide’s long-term girlfriend
and baby-mama, Aisha was pregnant with another child, however the post
did not go down well with the rapper.

Olamide via twitter insisted that the story was false, claiming that he is not yet a father. He further lashed out at Linda, called her names and tagged her an ‘enemy of progress’, all because she doesn’t feature his songs/videos on her prestigious blog.

Linda has since published a rejoinder and indirectly dissed the rapper by admitting that she is his biggest fan – “I feel like one, he’s been waiting for the moment to lash out at Which is fine. And two, I also see he’s mad that I
don’t post his songs and videos on my blog. If I’m not posting it, it’s
because no one is sending to me…I’m a huge fan so…. Oh and love you too, boo! *wink*” she wrote.

But the truth is, Netng actually first reported that story.  According to them, after a source
told them about the pregnancy, they tried to get Olamide to say a thing
about it, but he didn’t say anything and instead deleted all the photos
of his girl from his Instagram page. 

This photo of President Buhari and his beautiful daughters is everything

Olamide is still vexing gan, infact Wizkid, Dotun of Cool FM and Labi Layori of the ‘entertainment splash’ show added their voices too.

See tweets below:


Kemisola Ade

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  1. Labi Layori too dey talk, that nonsense motherfucker wey no fit combine colors too dey open mouth, abeg. They no plenty yet, they no fit do anything for my Linda, idiats!

    1. 1. You are stupid 2. Cant you read? He already mentioned the reason why he was upset with Linda (she's supposed to be bigger than fake gist by now) I'm sure most of you didn't know about the gist until she posted it. 3. Linda has NEVER posted any of his songs or videos, but is quick to post anything that will taint his image. The guy has worked hard to get to where he is today. You people are not even thinking of the reputation of the girl involved. She is not some street chic he met backstage. Her parents probably know him well, imagine how they will feel to hear about their daughter like that.
      Finally, Linda being the pretentious snake that she is, didn't bother apologising…… instead, she dissed the dude codedly and with a disgusting sarcastic tone. yet many mumu readers think she acted mature.
      Put yourself in his shoes and tell me say u no go vex. Rubbish!

  2. I remember when Linda blogged about RMD and his multi million naira house in asaba, he ranted and ranted and threatened to sue, a few month later Efcc was after him over money laundering and yes he actually built that house!

  3. He has been beefing Linda dats y he said all that. He shud sharrap jor, afterall she wasnt d only one that carried it, he shud attack NETNG instead

  4. Lol @ Awon amumi tayin(people wey dey pick teeth after drinking water) nice 1 labi. Linda needs to cut some slacks abeg. u sa wan copy perezzz…ko jo mehn… dats not how dey do it. go ask ur oga,Sdk…. olofo!

  5. All these curses are uncalled for guys. These other guys shouldn't even get involved. When did pregnancy news become a thing of reproach or downfall. It was misinformation and she has since corrected her mistake. Move on already.

    1. We aint moving nowhere!…someone needs to put a zip Linda's slacked mouth, she talks rubbish and untrue shit! ybnl boss never start

  6. You all are myopic! Wouuldnt she *linda*rather av investigated b4 posting the story? She was just in a rush and has earned herself embarrassment and disrespect. Olamide was evidently angry at the false she got what she bargained for

  7. Linda is doing what she does so if Ola has a brain, his reply should have been "she's not pregnant or something". What's all d beefing for? Those that think they know black men's problems clearly don't know. Our problem is LACK OF MATURITY.

  8. Olamide works hard and tries his best to stay away from media jargons just the way jay and B are…he leaves his personal life out of the music industry. the ybnl boss is sitting on the throne, so f*** what you heard and Linda the bonga fish….#am out peace# #eni duro!

    1. really you should get a life! dnt u ve a job or schl or business to attend to rather dan defending my dear olamide n dissing linda?

  9. Jibby we know ure Yetunde d pregnant girlfriend,,. Y not hustle to get some money from Badoo to fly u to America to giv birth. Stfu and nurture ur pregnancy cos all dis energy u dey exert over dis issue na premature labour it will lead to oh.. A word is enuf 4 d wise

  10. wait,when has being airing ones gf pregnant become an enemy of progress?so badoo won dey yansh the gel only?no marriage on his mind?chick,run before you puss slacko.ehen!

  11. Olamide I beg grow up joor! If u want to b a celeb, u av to welcome issues like that. Ask 2baba nau. And u Linda, look b4 u leap. Fuck all those crabs abeggy.

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