#KFB Only God Could Have Done This! ‘l forgot to remove the iron from the socket.”

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 I thank God that He gave me something to testify
Since KFB started the column for soul searching for deeper
knowledge of the mightiness of God’s love and power in a world full of
crises, l have been a constant reader. l digest what the column serves us
on weekly basis, feeling almost as each testifier felt before and after
God moved in their various cases. 
l therefore feel privileged to be
among God’s witnesses. sharing my own story. Don’t look at the smallness
of the testimony but the bigness of the power of the great God Who made
you and me. 
He puts songs in our mouth,yet we fail to sing them,because we refuse to
see what He wants us see.Until we see or hear of what we went through and came
out of and others were not as fortunate as we are. 
All the same, l worship the Lord of lords,the King of kings and the
almighty God. He remains the same yesterday,today and forever.
One Friday morning after l ironed my clothes, l forgot to remove the iron
from the socket.

 I went to work, came back around 3pm and did not meet the electricity
light on.
However, the condition of the freezer showed that there had been light
for some time before l came back.
I prepared the lunch and ate before leaving for a vigil service that
All this while, my eyes were going to the iron because it was placed
across where l sat eating, yet my mind did not perceive the signal. Eyes
were opened but did not see. 
That time l was the only one at home. I left for the vigil and came back around 7am next
day. Still l did not meet the light on.
God,You are kind.
You are good.
What can l utter to appreciate this awesome God? 
Behold, the light was restored almost the same time l left for the vigil
till around 6am.
Thank God l decided to do certain things in the house before going to
sleep. As l was doing these, the iron was making that sound it always
makes immediately it is used, that is, its resting sound. 
I heard it about four or five times before l became aware of the sound. I
still doubted my hearing ability. lt could not be true.
I went near, saw it plugged and warm. Eh God.
I ran to the freezer to confirm my fears.
Oh my people, God is great!
The freezer was ‘criminally’ cold.
Everything in it was frozen to the highest point.
There was nothing l could do than kneel down to say ‘Thank You, Lord’.
I am not the careless type to leave household things unattended to.
In our home, l am the one up till now that checks everything in the house
before we leave for our different destinations.
How come the mistake came from me and not from the others?.
God was trying to teach a lesson that it is not in the power of any man
to help himself. 
And except the Lord builds the house,they labor in vain
that build it.
I could not but bow to God’s kindness for keeping away tears of regret
from me. 
 Imagine what could have happened while I was away, the iron exploding for getting too hot and the house getting burnt but God didn’t let it happen. 
us next Sunday for another soul lifting testimony…BTW, if you have
got a great testimony you’d like to share, kindly send it in to
[email protected]

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Tireni Adebayo

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