“They laughed at my legs, round face and huge cheeks’ – Stella Damasus shares inspiring message

Stella Damasus sure loves sharing
inspirational messages with her fans…she ensures that she regularly puts out a positive message to someone out there.
Read her latest inspirational message below…

“Some have mocked me, laughed at me,
and even said I was not worth it. They have said I am not pretty enough,
my nose is not straight enough, and my lips are too thick, my eyes are
too small; trust me they have laughed at my legs, my round face and huge
I smile through it all because I
know that the one who formed, moulded and created me, is the perfect one
who never makes mistakes. I love me and I love the God who created me
and called me his child. He says I am beautiful no matter what they say.
I encourage to stand up, look at
yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that your creator never makes
mistakes. Remind yourself that the God we serve is beautiful and so if
you were created in his own image, then guess what….. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!”

CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s beautiful message as Facebook clocks 10

Mark Zuckerberg
Earlier this week, Facebook clocked 10 and the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg shared this beautiful message:
Today is Facebook’s 10th anniversary.
It’s been an amazing journey so far, and
I’m so grateful to be a part of it. It’s rare to be able to touch so
many people’s lives, and I try to remind myself to make the most of
every day and have the biggest impact I can.
People often ask if I always knew that Facebook would become what it is today. No way.

I remember getting pizza with my friends
one night in college shortly after opening Facebook. I told them I was
excited to help connect our school community, but one day someone needed
to connect the whole world.
I always thought this was...

Paul Walker leaves all his $25m fortune to 15-yr old daughter & nothing for GF of 7years

Daughter (= right)

Paul Walker who died in a fatal car crash with his friend Roger Rodas on
the 30th of Nov 2013 has left all his $25 million fortune to his 15
year old daughter and none for his girlfriend of 7years....that's mean!

The GF
The 40-year-old actor's will named 15-year-old child, Meadow Rain
Walker, as the...

Comedian Okey Bakassi wants us to meet his wifey and kids (photos)

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