Lol! Nigerians bombard Toke Makinwa with calls and messages

So after the secret wedding news broke yesterday, Toke Makinwa woke up this morning to find 1,289 missed calls, hundreds of messages and emails, lol! I’m so glad for her……
She’s grateful for the calls anyways.
See her tweets below:

FG apologizes to India over El-Zakzaky rants, accuses Shiites leader of being 'unruly'

Tireni Adebayo

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  1. She's lying jor, 1289 missed calls and the phone did not go off. Just a 100 missed calls is enough to kill the ba3 of a phone esp if it's android.

  2. Just pray for the couple.
    Marriage of convenience is the most common marriage in Nigeria today and such marriages need prayers to last.

    Most people in these parts marry from insecurity and not for love.
    Majority marry from peer pressure.
    But they forget that God did not create you to impress your peers. But to fulfill your destiny.

    Others marry just to have children to bear their last name and that is their greatest achievement on earth, even if their children are liabilities and public nuisance like majority of the children of the poor who in most cases worsen the problems of the society, because they have immature and insecure parents.
    Parents who never had good parenting and so cannot be good parents themselves.

    The root of the widespread poverty and insecurity in Nigeria and other poor countries is useless marriages. Because, any couple that cannot guarantee three square meals and functional good education for their children should not marry until they can do so.
    That is why you see the widespread poverty jeopardizing the lives of millions of innocent children like the ones on the 'Okada" motorbike shown in the picture below.
    To me the most evil and wicked people on earth are couple who bring innocent children to suffer the misery of their poverty.
    If you are poor, PLEASE, DON'T MARRY and save innocent children from the misery of your own failures.
    You whine about lack of money to pay rent.
    Lack of enough money to feed well.
    Lack of enough money to pay school fees.
    Lack of enough money to pay medical bills and so on.
    But only fools will breed kids they cannot feed.
    I remember that my father sent me to St. Gregory's College, when it was a private and prestigious secondary school in the late 1970s and he never failed to pay my school fees until I left and would have been able to pay my fees to St Aldates College, Oxford, if not for his protacted terminal illness.
    He always shopped for us at the Kingsway shopping mall.
    We had more than three square meals every day.
    So, couples who are still struggling to make ends meet, should never marry.
    Marriage is not by force.
    And if increasing the population of poor people is an achievement to you, then you are insane.

    Many girls who are not secure and not sure of their future marry as a safety net.
    But I prefer every Nigerian girl or woman to be Miss Independent of the African American singer Neyo in class and career before getting married.
    A marriage is not a job or a way to escape from insecurity.

    The world is still suffering from the horrible and terrible consequences of dysfunctional marriages of dysfunctional families, so don't worsen the miseries of poverty plaguing humanity.

    Let only those who are truly intellectually and financially ready marry.

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