Saidi Balogun, Bimbo Akintola, Segun Arinze and the ‘unrealistic’ storyline of Charles Novia’s Husband & Wife movie

This week I got to watch a not-so recent (2003) movie recommended by a friend – Husband & Wife (directed and produced by Charles Novia).

Charles Novia’s Husband & Wife stars Bimbo Akintola, Segun Arinze, Saidi Balogun, Ejiro E. Ejiro and Eliel Otele. You wanna have a good laugh, then watch the movie HERE on TV Nolly for free.
The 60minutes movie which has less than 15 scenes and just five characters, explores the conflicts in marriage, like a boxing ring.

 Best (Segun Arinze) found out his wife – Brenda (Bimbo Akintola) of 3 years was cheating on him.  It all started barely 3months after they got married – he lost his job and his wife turned into a nagging woman over night….as a result of her nagging, he sought for another job and found one but she didn’t stop nagging. 
She began complaining that he rarely had time for her or her sexual needs, so every blessed day they argued, fought, pursued each other round the house and cursed each other – yeah I felt that was too extreme. Why would a hubby and wifey always call each other Fool, bastard, Idiot, Goat etc, i feel it’s unrealistic to me.

Anyways, Best decided
to find out who the strange man is –  with the help of his houseboy, the culprit is found but by then it’s too late.

Climax of the movie was when Brenda hurriedly locked up the man she was sleeping with in the wardrobe to avoid being caught by Best and the houseboy – that scene was damn hilarious!
Best and the houseboy insisted that she opened the wardrobe but she refused to open so they all decided to wait all night in the room till Brenda was ready to open the wardrobe.

They waited till dawn – exchanging words, mocking each other – even the house boy chipped in some rude words to his land lady – again another unrealistic act, no matter what, no house boy will ever talk back at his landlady or tell her to shut up!
Anyways, Best became impatient and forced the wardrobe open…

By then the man in the wardrobe had suffocated and died.
Why would you lock up someone in the wardrobe for hours knowing full well that he’s gonna die, that’s very unrealistic too.
And then Brenda is sent out of the house without being arrested by the police for the crime she’s committed…Charles Novia, oh pls!
The movie is worth your time though, hilarious and a few lessons to learn here and there :).
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Tireni Adebayo

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  1. Kemi I watched this movie years ago. Was still in secondary school, lol. It was hilarious. Personally I feel Brenda should have apologized to her husband when she found that he wasn't bent on the leaving the room till the wardrobe was opened. She should have and helped save Saheed's life by saying "oya you caught me o, i am sorry". I loved and still love the movie.

  2. Kemi don't say that o. There are homes where the husbands and wives call each other names and curse each other even in the presence of the children, I grew to always hearing my dad call my mum oloriburuku. That you grew up with a silver spoon with happily married parents doesn't mean there aren't such homes where the parents fight. It is not unrealistic abeg.

  3. Kemi,kemi,kemi,kemi….I left the office very late on Friday just to download this movie for me to watch it over the weekend(with an awesome expectation to crack my rib with laughter…but low and behold!!! it was really below my expectation compared to the kakagunwakan of expectation you create in me)…if not for the funny guy…yes that nite could being filled with nightmares..Visitor in the wardrobe!!! here is your food OO

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