Gabrielle Union excitedly talks about her fiance, Dwayne Wade, tells their beautiful love story in new interview

For weeks now,  the blogosphere’s been awashed with Gabrielle
Union/Dwyane Wade love saga (Dwyane had a baby with another lady while dating Gabby) but the American actress is not bothered, she is excited about the engagement and loves him truly.
In a recent interview with Glamour, she said “When I met Dwyane, his “résumé” looked like crap: athlete,
going through a divorce, nine years younger than me…None of
that screamed, “Let’s have a lasting relationship.” Then, after I had a
heart-crushing breakup with yet another immature jerk, I thought, it
can’t be any worse if I date a fetus. Let’s just see what happens.
Turned out he’d been on his own since he was 15. He had wisdom that
comes with facing an insane amount of adversity.

He’s sweet, funny,
honest about his shortcomings. When I put my preconceived notions to the
side, I found someone cool…Dwyane generally gets up before I do to go to the gym, and he’s never
left without kissing me and telling me he loves me. As for me, I am
complimentary to the point where I am almost a little Chester the
Molester-y. I think he’s so delicious. Watching him get out of the
shower never gets old. Never. It’s not like he ever wonders what I’m
thinking, but usually he’s thinking, She needs a cold shower!”

Gabby also advised people to consider getting back with their exes, briefly referencing last year’s relationship hiatus.
“When you’re debating whether to go backward or forward, you have to
look at the original issue. [When Dwyane and I broke up briefly in
2013], it was because of distance and scheduling. I finished filming the
show, then I flew to Vegas right away to start shooting Think Like a
Man Too. I couldn’t take time off, and I missed some quality
togetherness we desperately needed. Over the summer, I reassessed
priorities. I’d always wanted an awesome career with back-to-back
projects, but I realized I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my relationship
for it. Moving forward, I decided my work schedule has to make sense for
our family. Bottom line: If an issue’s a deal breaker, it’s a deal
breaker. If your relationship isn’t something you’re willing to give up
and you can compromise, do so.”


KFB Movie! So I finally watched Rita Dominic’s “The Meeting”…she incredibly nailed it!!!

Linda Ejiofor welcomes first child

Wow, wow, wow...I'm still basking in the euphoria of being amongst the first to actually own a copy of the special limited edition of the much-talked movie 'The Meeting'.

Have you ever seen a movie that got you smiling, laughing and clapping at the end and then having you rewind back to the very beginning and watching, that's what happened when I saw 'the meeting'! ...I'm not exactly a fan of very long movies but I sat down to watch the 2hours, 10mins long 'The Meeting" and then played it
Our movie of the week is "The Meeting"!

'The Meeting' is an amazing has the best story and script/screenplay I've seen in Nollywood for
a long time, and is certainly the best romantic comedy.

Cast: Rita Dominic,
Linda Ejiofor, Femi Jacobs, Jide Kosoko,  Kate Henshaw, Basorge Tariah Jnr, Nse Ikpe-Etim, and Chinedu Ikedieze.
Director: Mildred Okwo


Still on Pastor Sign fireman’s arrest, accuser’s mum cries out + 10 things you should know about Sign Fireman

18 years old virgin killer Ikechukwu who implicated controversial Lagos
pastor Sign Fireman in his alleged ritual murder of a 12 year old girl,
Bose Ogoja, has been accused of lying by his own mother.

And according to his mum, her son is a serial rapist, who became
one after he was cursed by a neighbor in 2009. That the alleged
ritual killing had nothing to do with rituals or Pastor Fireman but was a
clear case of rape that led to murder.

Talking with reporters on Thursday, Mrs Esther Egbo said although they attended Fireman’s church, they
never met with him because as the General Overseer of the church, it was
not always easy for members to see him at random.
She said her son did not even have Fireman’s telephone number and
wondered where the supposed meeting he...


Fans mock Psquare for their horrible performance at Glo CAF Awards

Psquare and Lagbaja at the event
PSquare is currently trending on Twitter, all thanks to their shocking performance at the Glo CAF Awards that held tonight at the Eko Hotel, Lagos.
See all the tweets and Peter's Okoye apology below:


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