A True Love Story! Never underestimate the power of the social media; how Hi5 brought us back together – Yemi and Imisioluwa

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Whoop, guys, meet our couple of the week – Imisi and Yemi….they have got one of the amazing and best love stories ever!  They held nothing back, they excitedly shared their story!
ImisiImisi101 - Copy
The love birds who got married last year excitedly took turns in narrating how they met….enjoy!
Yemi: Our journey fully started in 2005.
Before then, I didn’t really know much about Imisi other than the fact
that we both attended the same high school.
Imisi157 - Copy
In 2005, I made a major
decision in my life to relocate and attend college in the “City of
Brotherly Love”. As a new college boy, I decided to invest some of my time into the
few popular social websites available at the time. At the time, Hi5 was
one of the very popular sites that had many of my high school friends.
About a week or two of joining hi5, I started receiving messages from a
few of my high school mates, and one of them happened to be Imisi.
Imisi247 - CopyImisi197 - Copy
Imisi: I
have known Yemi since high school but we weren’t friends. As a matter
of fact I didn’t like him because I thought he was a “bad boy”, believe
it or not lol. I did not know his name because we weren’t in the same
Anyway, Yemi left Nigeria for the US and I never heard about
him again. In 2004 when I got into the US, I was into social networking, I had an Hi5 account and some old friends added me on
it…everything went fine until this mystery person started commenting on my pictures.

Imisi194 - Copy

Anytime I look at you, my soul cries out I am

Imisi189 - Copy (2)
I swear you work magic everyday. You always make me smile and feel like I am
your world.

Imisi169 - Copy
the beat to my heart.

Imisi249 - Copy

all the thing’s I’ve started, loving you is the one that I’d never want to

Yemi: One day, I decided to click on Imisi’s profile and view her
pictures. What I saw was very favorable (if you know what I mean).
first thing I said to myself was “wow I would love to know this girl
better”….I liked her immediately!

not perfect, neither am I, but I
have the perfect imperfect  man.

 I composed an
appealing message and sent it to her. It took her a few days to respond to
the message. After that, we continued to message each other back and

Imisi226 - Copy
the bear to my hug, the kiss to my lips & the key to my heart.

Imisi:  About a
week later of sending messages back and forth, he sent me his number.
THAT WAS THE END! I almost blocked him for this lol. I thought to
myself how he can send me his number, he should ask for mine. He soon asked for my nos sha….so after months of ignoring his messages and him stalking me on Hi5 and
MSN, I eventually gave him my number.


 I love you with everything that I am…


Imisi118 - Copy
When I am with you, nothing else matters

The first time they spoke on the phone:
Yemi: Our first time on the phone was one unforgettable night. It was the
night that confirmed it all for me. We spent hours on the phone and that
continued for a few weeks till we decided to meet!

You have bewitched me, body and soul, and I
love…I love…I love you.

Yeah we’ve got the swag

Imisi:  That night he called me and
surprisingly we instantly hit it off…we were on the phone for hours. After
weeks of phone conversations, we finally decided to meet.

From this moment on….


Hold me, for I never wish to be parted from you from this day on
I love you as you have become an extra necessary
organ in my body.

The first time they met:
Yemi: The first time
we met, Imisi brought me a gift. I remembered looking at her in the eye,
saying the four letter word.

“I love you, with no beginning, no end.
It’s awesome to spend my life with you!
When I see you, I think “Good job,

Imisi: The first day he met
me he told me he loved me, this freaked me out and I stopped
picking up his call for weeks.
So one day he planned with my cousin who
brought him to where I was because I wasn’t picking his calls again. Apparently, he tracked her through Hi5 and they had been planning
behind me.
That day I just saw him at the mall and wanted to enter the
To cut the story short, he went on one knee and gave me a promise ring saying “I
will never regret giving him a chance and whatever happens even if we
don’t work out, he will forever shower me with love and always be there
for me”, that
melted my heart and everything else is history.


The best thing in life is spelled Y-O-U!
Imisi138 - Copy
Oh yeah baby, I love you like ‘kilode’…i love you ‘to’ri to’run’
Imisi228 - Copy
I trust you babe, for you’v always got my back
Imisi231 - Copy
This love of ours is unbreakable

The proposal.
Imisi: The
day started as a normal day for me, I didn’t think my life would be
changed forever. Yemi just called me randomly that he was in town. I
was kind of upset because he didn’t tell me but I was glad to see him.
Anyway he said he really missed me and just took the next flight to
town. I thought to myself na wa o, didn’t we talk all night?
he came over and we hung out. I forced him to watch a Nigerian movie
with me because I didn’t have anything special planned.

Afterwards, he said he felt like eating out so we went out. I was
happy because I had not eaten anything all day. We headed out and drove
by many restaurants which became frustrating because I was really
weddingdigestnaija-nigerianwedding-1I9A9606 weddingdigestnaija-nigerianwedding-1I9A9581
After driving for about an hour we finally pulled into Seasons
52 restaurant. I was wondering why he drove all the way to this
restaurant but just ignored it and followed him inside.
As soon as we
got there, I ordered my food and we ate.
Yemi kept asking me if I
wanted to go to the bathroom or I forgot something in the car. I said

“Thanks for giving me your all Dad, I’ll forever be your little girl”

So he started texting on his phone when he saw he couldn’t get me out
of there.
The next thing my sister started calling me back to back.
texted her that I was busy and she said she needed to talk to me
urgently. I was wondering what could be so urgent, so I told Yemi that I
had to call my sister.
When I called my sister, I told her I was
having dinner with Yemi but she pleaded that I step out to talk to her
right quick. I was kind of confused but Yemi told me to go ahead. I
stepped out and of course my sister didn’t really have anything to say. I
was so mad at her and I hung up.

With this ring, I thee wed

I pronounce you hubby n wifey!

As I was walking back in, I saw Yemi talking to one of the waiters
but I didn’t read any meaning to it. When I got back, Yemi began
saying a lot of nice things to me, how much he loves and adores me, everything
we’ve been through, etc at this point it was starting to click.
I jokingly said, “Yemi, I hope you are not trying to propose
because I look too casual oh.”

 Yemi denied it and got up
immediately. I felt bad because I thought I hurt his feelings. Anyway
he went to whisper something to the waiter and came back to his seat.
We talked and laughed some more and it was time to leave.
We stood up and he did not propose so I assumed he wasn’t proposing again, lol.

I give my all to you…You’re my end and my beginning
We are one!
You’re my muse
My worst distraction, my rhythm and blues
All of me Loves all of you

We walked towards the door and by the time we got the door, the waiter made an announcement…“Whoever Miss Imisi is, Yemi would like her to “steal his last name” because
she has “stolen his heart”.
At this point, I was very confused, I turned
around and there Yemi was on one knee already, holding a ring…he popped the question.
told me why we had to go to Seasons 52 restaurant because that was the
first restaurant we went to as a couple and he always wanted it to be
where he would propose.


I will love you until I die, and if there’s a life
after that, I’ll love you then.
You’re the one girl I can’t live without

With tears in my eyes, I said Yes. I was
so speechless. I cried all through the ride home, words couldn’t just describe how happy I was.

Thanks for giving me all the things that make my life happy – your trust, your
tenderness, your understanding and most of all, your love.

I love you. I am at rest with you. I have come home

It wasn’t
until the next day I got myself together!


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