“We started having problems from Day One” – Comedienne Princess’ seven-month marriage crashes

Aww, this is so sad especially when you read their love story
The 7 months old marriage of popular comedienne Princess has crashed.
NET reports that trouble started about two weeks after the wedding in May,

my marriage has ended due to irreconcilable differences’. We have been having
issues since the wedding but we still remained together hoping that we would be
able to work it out. But apparently, we couldn’t work it out, hence the reason
for our separation. We actually
ended it several months ago, but we didn’t want to make it public. I’m sure God
knows best’’ She told NET
She also confirmed this at Stand Up Nigeria, a comedy show which took
place yesterday at Muson Centre. Speaking on stage, Princess said her
marriage collapsed due to irreconcilable differences.  Princess got married to Adeshola Jeremiah on the 8th of May,

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