Pastor E.A Adeboye addresses terminal illness rumours and Sis Linda fake prophecy

“Some people have been impersonating me on Facebook and other social
media asking people to donate monies for unidentified orphanages or some
sick persons who require urgent medical treatment abroad. Please do not
believe them and do not give them money. Somebody even went to the
ridiculous extent of saying that I needed money to go to India for the
treatment of an undisclosed ailment. Please do not answer them. As you
can see I am not sick. I am hail and hearty. They are liars,”  RCCG’s General Overseer, Pastor EA Adeboye says.Continuing, he said some others are equally impersonating
his wife, pointing out that such persons are not representing him or
his wife. According to him, some other fellows are busy sending e-mails
to people inviting them to fake programmes purportedly organised by the
General Overseer.

“If anybody invites you to any programme anywhere in my name, please
confirm from me. There is also one that said I had a dream where I saw
many of my people weeping because they could not make it to heaven. It
is all lie! I did not have any dream and I know that you will all make
it to heaven in Jesus name,” he stated.

On recent stories by some
persons who claimed they died and got to heaven but were sent back to
warn brethren who are perceived to be wallowing in sin, Adeboye said
such people should be ignored because God does not operate the way they
are portraying Him.

“There is woman (A certain Sis Linda) who said she died and went to heaven
where Jesus sent her back to warn people of the world against sin. If
you do not know already, when the rich man died and saw Lazarus in the
bosom of Abraham, he requested that Father Abraham should send an angel
to his relations on earth to warn them to repent and escape hell. He was
told that there are enough prophets to accomplish such missions,”
Adeboye stressed.

The cleric explained that anyone who claims to have died and returned
to preach the gospel; “please do not listen to them. Put your trust in
the true Word of God. Some years ago, one man claimed to have died and
came back and he started preaching that any Christian who acquired a car
would go to hell.“This man produced a CD which he was selling to the
people and he made a lot of money from selling the cassettes and CDs.
Not long after, he bought a Land Cruiser and when people asked him why
was opting for hell, he replied that he did not buy a car. He bought a
Land Cruiser. Be careful, you shall know the truth and the truth shall
set you free,” the RCCG General Overseer said.


Divorce Drama! Saidi Balogun speaks again, exposes Fathia’s past + he has only two kids with her not three

Movie Producer, Saheed Balogun has reacted to his ex-wife’s recent
claim that Balogun filed a court case against her due to her refusal to
drop his (Balogun) surname.
In a press statement debunking his ex-wife’s claim, Saheed said they
were in court because they also got married in court, stating that it
was only legal to have the court marriage dissolved.
Saheed in the statement disclosed that he is not the father of all
their supposed three kids as Fathia Balogun had a kid from another man
before they got married.

Read statement below:
“Yesterday I was accused of lying to the
press on a recent rumor that has been circulating. I separated from my
ex-wife Fathia Balogun in 2006, over 7 years ago.
Since we were legally married in court, we had to legally divorce in court to finalize the...


OJB Jezreel dances & celebrates life at Ovation Magazine’s Carol night (photos)

The Ovation Magazine's 2013 Red Carol held last night in Accra, here are
pictures of OJB Jezreel dancing the night away with wife Mamma J by his

 Also see photos of other attendees.



Wizkid, Tania Omotayo finds it hard to deal with insults on twitter

Wizkid Net Worth, House, Cars, and Biography

It's probably a line from a love song because these two are just so perfect together!

Wizkid a few hours ago tweeted "sometimes love is just not enough....moving on" and so many blogs assumed that he's broken up with his boo, Tania Omotayo.

Anyway, the two are still going strong!

Tania still has his photo on her twitter wall and she doesn't stop talking about him.

Meanwhile, she's presently having issues with some of her followers on twitter, see tweets below:

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