OJB Jezreel appreciates his first wife in new interview + gets new land rover jeep, reconstructs house

Did you know that it was actually his first wife, Mama J, that donated one of her kidneys to him for the operation.  
Despite discouragement from family and friends,
Mama J still donated one of her kidneys to save her husband. The woman
was adamant to let OJB live, even when the doctors told her she would be
cut all the way to her back and one of her ribs would be removed to
enable them take her kidney. As frightening as that sounds.In this interview with HipHopWorld, OJB and
his wife, Mama J reveal all what they went through – the pain, the gain,
the hate and the love…see excerpts below:

What were your thoughts when you were told you would undergo a kidney transplant?

It was scary because I find it hard to take an injection let alone
cutting the body for surgery. I didn’t really welcome it but with time I
had no choice than to give in to the idea and hope for the best.

OJB and Mama J during the SAVEOJB campaign days

What do you have to say about the controversies that surrounded donations towards your kidney transplant?

Well, there are well meaning and bitter people in Naija. Most people were just complaining and these people didn’t even donate.
All the figures flying in the air then were just fake and make-belief
from different angles because if we had the money we wouldn’t have the
governor donate N16million. Lots of cheques that some people donated bounced. I don’t want to mention names and when we called them to come for their cheques they didn’t come for it. We didn’t want to talk about it in the media because it was about saving a life.

After the surgery in India, OJB had every reason to smile

After the surgery in India, OJB had every reason to smile

How would you describe your wife, who volunteered to donate one of her kidneys?

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I will say she is a wonderful person because it is one thing if God
is telling you to do something but another to do it. It takes a lot of
courage to actually do it. Just as Jesus had made the water for Peter to
walk on, Peter needed a lot of courage to take that step and that was
what she did at that dying minute. Even when the doctors came to
tell her that they would have to cut her all the way to the back and
would have to remove a rib so they could have access to the kidney and if after that you still go ahead to do it then that is serious courage. I will say she is a courageous woman.

We heard that you are lodged in a hotel for now because your house is undergoing reconstruction?

Yes. Someone by the name Felix Edebo actually spoke to me about that
before the surgery and advised I should do a reconstruction because of
hygiene during recovery. I was reluctant because of finances, he said
he’d give me a call and before he left he gave me $1,000USD. Days later,
he called and asked for my account details and paid in N6 million for
the reconstruction and still told me he had a gift for me, and then he
gave me the keys to a Land Rover jeep. We are having an extension to a
bungalow which will be the main house, because the way the house was
structured originally had studio with it. It needs to change, people
come into the studio a lot and I have to control the hygiene. So I have
to separate the two in order to sanitize the house.

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The Land Rover jeep OJB was given as a gift from a certain Felix Edebo, the same man who funded the reconstruction of the producer's Surulere home
The Land Rover jeep OJB was given as a gift
from a certain Felix Edebo, the same man who funded the reconstruction
of the producer’s Surulere home
When are you hoping to get back to work?

I guess my first work is going to be with P. Square. Hopefully we’ll
be doing something as soon as possible, and then mix some of my old
songs. Using my experience to help people is another thing I want to do
and very soon I’ll start a foundation.

What lesson has this experience taught you?

It’s more spiritual really. I see it as, anybody
that has God should be anxious for nothing’, because he has you in
mind, you might think He doesn’t but He does. It has changed my whole
perspective now.

OJB's wife Mama J also speaks to HipHopWorld, hesitantly 
Moving on to his wife, Mama J says  “I gave  my kidney because if he is alive, it is for
my own good. So there is nothing to it, I didn’t see it as anything from
day one, I asked God to help me and give me the courage and He did.
Every step, every process was difficult because a lot of things they
told me were enough for me to say I wasn’t doing again. If I should
think about the cut, the pain affects some people psychologically
because it goes to your brain and you can easily go mad if you are not
strong enough. Even till now I still feel the pain, there are some
positions you cannot sleep like you can’t sleep on your right side for
too long, you can’t sleep on your left or face up. I still feel the pain
but now it’s not the pain but the joy that everything is ok that keeps
me going.”

Did you face challenges from your family at all?

course I did. My brothers were like no oh you are not going to do it,
my mum didn’t even talk to me. My dad was like what do we do, even if we
tell you not to do it you will still go ahead, so let’s not waste time.
It’s not just the fact that it’s OJB; he is my husband, the father of
my children. I don’t know the reason I will not give him, there’s no
reason I shouldn’t give him if I am the perfect match for it.



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