KFB Movie! Omotola Ekeinde and Geneveive Nnaji deserve awards for their roles in Ije (The Journey)

Genevie Nnaji

Whoop it’s Friday!
Ije is one of the best movies that Nollywood has produced so far…yeah, it was released a few years back but it was released into DVDs last December. I just got the opportunity of seeing it.
You seem I have heard a lot about Ije, and I wasn’t disappointed after seeing it…so I decided reviewing it for this week.
Like most Nollywood movies, Ije is based on a theme, but it is better
integrated into the storyline and not shoved down one’s throat like some
others. In Ije, two sisters must mend their relationship as well as
come to terms with their past.
The movie is about Anyanwu Opara (played by Omotola Jalade Ekeinde) who
is being tried in the US for the murder of her white husband, and her
sister Chioma (played by Genevieve Nnaji) who flies to the States to
assist in her defence.

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Chioma meets a lawyer, Jalen, who agrees to
defend Anyanwu, and a friendship grows between them while Jalen tries to
put together a defence for Anyanwu.

I found the first half of the movie straightforward but rather slow; it
seemed to me as if it would be a standard criminal case where Anyanwu
would eventually be acquitted. But as events progressed, it became
obvious that she had something to hide, as she was not revealing to
Jalen everything that had happened in her marriage with her late

The pace of the movie quickened dramatically after this, and it
ended in a unexpected and emotional climactic scene in court which,
quite frankly, left me very moved.

One thing that felt unusual was the fact that Omotola and Genevieve were
the only Nigerian actors in the main strand of the story (there were
other scenes with Nigerian actors, but these were just flashbacks).

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Still the movie did retain a Nigerian feel, as there were occasions
where Chioma was put through the airport drama of being repeatedly asked
for her passport, and where she had to spell her name out for a

I really liked this production, in addition to the story, the acting,
directing, and other technical components are also top-notch. It is
definitely one of the best Nollywood movies I have seen, ever. And to
think Chineze Anyaene was just a student when she made the movie…So I conclude that Ije was a worthwhile journey deserving of 4 stars.

If you haven’t watched Ije and want to, check out the movie website. It’s also available as DVD and instant play on Amazon.


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