KFB Exclusive! Solomon Akiyesi says the baby is not his

This morning I published that controversial actor Solomon Akiyesi welcomed a baby girl with an Abuja based business woman...well, Solomon has spoken, he says the baby is not his.
He said “Kemi. Good morning. Will anyone die if you contacted before blogging anything about me? That photo is a friend’s first child after 16 years of
marriage. I visited them, took photos and expressed my thots on facebook.
Cant i just be left alone? Kemi jooo o!!”
I apologized and enquired about his ‘then’ pregnant wife, Lilian.
In case you ddnt know, Lilian was the wife that disrupted his third wedding months ago and back then she claimed she was 8 months pregnant, no one knows if she has put to bed yet.
Responding to the question, Solomon said
“I don’t know!!! You can find out from
her. And then u peppered it up that the lady whom you don’t even know is
financially stable…since when did financial stability become the
criteria for a wife Solomon should marry? Lets work by the true tenets of
journalism abeg.”
And I ended the quick conversation with ” Thanks for pointing out the
correction…Compliments of the season. Best regards.”

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Kemisola Adeyemi

Kemisola Adeyemi is the Assistant Editor of Kemi Filani News. She loves to write and write and write and hopes to own a publishing firm someday! Email: [email protected]


  1. I dont believe him abeg, somebody that can cook up big lies against his wives…the baby is his jor, this is a case of denial after second thought. Shameless man

  2. A big congrat to him if its his baby and if not we hope that GOD bless him with his own soonest………………meanwhile children are gifts from the Almighty…………..its a good thing to have one

  3. Wow a big congrat to him if its his child and if not,we hope that GOD blesses him with one soonest,meanwhile children are gifts from GOD and there is nothing wrong if anyone expresses his joy .i think you all should stop insulting this man and let him be…….the last time i checked .there is no perfect being on earth…………….congrats solomon

  4. But people were greeting him and telling him congratulations on facebook, why didnt he explain then that the baby wasnt his?

  5. u better beg yr first daughter whom u disown as yr daughter dt your daughter u give birth to at ososo that is blessing akiyesi

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