“I’ll protect my marriage with my last blood” — Sola Kosoko tells her beautiful love story!

Aww, love so sweet!
 Actress and daughter of veteran actor Jide Kosoko, Adesola Kosoko-Abino
in a recent interview with Tribune, talked about her life, career and
She got married to the love of her life last year!

On her marital life, the
32-year-old actress said, “Beautiful! I’m enjoying it. I don’t ever… Let
me emphasise it: I don’t ever, ever want to leave my marriage for
anything. That simply means that if anything wants to come between my
marriage and me, I would fight with the last drop of my blood. However,
“man proposes God disposes.” Everybody wants the best, but sometimes,
life could turn out badly for some. I pray that God preserves my
And then she narrated her beautiful love story….
“I met my prince charming a long time ago. We didn’t start anything. He asked me
out and I rejected him. My reason was that I wanted to gain admission before
anything else. I met him when he was writing his final examination in the
university. That was way back in December 1999.
He went to the Yaba College of
Technology (YABATECH). I told him if he was really interested in me, he would
think of how I would get admission into the university, like he did. And I was
very poor, like most of us, in Mathematics. So, he would teach me Mathematics.
I was always failing mathematics. And you cannot get admission into higher
institution without passing Mathematics and English, at least at credit levels.
He taught me Mathematics until I passed it finally. 

Did he also teach you mathematics in the bedroom?
Which bedroom? We were not even dating. Can someone teach you mathematics in
the bedroom [laughs]? He really supported me during my tender and ignorant
days. Sometimes I would be very discouraged and depressed about my inability to
learn maths. He would encourage me. He encouraged me to have a diploma, after
which I got a transfer to study Sociology in the university.

On her take on failed
marriages in Nollywood, she said,
“Well, like I said earlier, I don’t
pray that my marriage should fail; but man proposes, God disposes. It
might be my wish to have a car, while God intends for me to have a jet,
and vice versa. What I am saying is that God knows best. I don’t want to
believe that any married woman wishes that her marriage should fail;
neither would any man marry with the intention of dissolving his

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