#KFB Movie: Uche Jombo nailed her character in “Mrs Somebody”

For this week, I would be reviewing Emem Isong’s ‘MRS SOMEBODY’…trust me, if you haven’t seen that movie, you really should check it out.
The major cast comprises
Keira: Uche Jombo
Kufre – Yemi Blaq
Dapo – Kenneth Okoli
Charles – Bobby Obodo
Mrs Somebody tells the story of Keira (Uche Jombo) a desperate single woman who attends a motivational singles seminar where she is told to have faith and also exercise the faith so as to become a MRS before the year ends.
In exercising her faith, Keira goes ahead to buy herself a wedding gown, gets her invitation ready and begins mounting pressure on her boyfriend (Yemi Blaq) to propose to her.
In her bid to get married, she does some questionable things and of course, gets used by men who do not want to get married or are already married.
After going through the ‘tissue paper’ stage, she decides to give her desperation a break and during that period of rest, she meets the man she eventually marries.

The romantic comedy movie would keep you glued to your TV screen till the very end.

I love the fact that Uche Jombo hilariously interpreted her roles; especially in the scenes where she went into a ‘pray until something happens’ session…it looked so real, one could almost feel her pain.
There were a few dull moments in the movie, e.g the scene where Keira and Charles were having their first date, we could barely hear their discussion, and it was boring.
Oh yes, there was a particular annoying scene in the movie…where Keira excitedly announced to her friend ‘check out the gift he got for me’ and then handed over a ring/wristwatch case to the friend, who in turn opened her mouth in surprise and exclaimed ‘wow, this is a great gift’…yet we were not allowed to see what’s in the case.
To make matters worst, the friend held the case in such a way that one could almost tell that the case was empty…Emem Isong could have put in a wristwatch or golden chain or something real in the case, to atleast make it look credible!
To a large extent, the actors and actresses were believable in their roles. Thematically, the movie was on point even though the story has been told quite often in Nollywood.
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You can watch the movie HERE on Iroko TV.



  1. Anonymous

    November 22, 2013 at 12:08 pm

    Ah yes kemi, that movie was funny, laughed so hard

  2. ayush ismail

    November 22, 2013 at 6:16 pm

    Uche nailed it no doubt

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