Davido and his bouncers involved in club brawl, several injured over missing ATM card

his impressive performance at Davido at the #Colourfulworldofmore
concert which held at Eko Hotel and Suites, singer Davido and his
entourage engaged in a brawl at the Nu Grotto night club, 217 Etim
Inyang Crescent Victoria Island while having an after party celebration.
NET reports thus:
Davido was ‘turning up’ with friends when the club DJ who reportedly goes by the name ‘JD
noticed his ATM card had fallen to the floor. JD picked it up and tried
handing it back to the Pop singer but his bodyguard didn’t let JD get
close to Davido. The club DJ is said to have insulted the bouncer
which infuriated the bouncer who replied with some hard slaps!
JD allegedly  responded by smashing a brandy glass on the bouncer’s neck, tearing his skin and causing him to bleed. ‘It was shocking to wactch, JD is like 4’4 and the bouncer was like 6’1′‘, a witness tells NET.
didn’t stop there, Davido’s bouncer then went on a damaging spree,
grabbing bottles and flinging them in the club, reportedly injuring
about four club goers and the club’s chief bouncer a Mr Sam.
One of the injured club goers Mrs Anderson (@Isnitched4Oreos) took to Twitter hours later to narrate her ordeal.

@iam_davido came in wit his group of smellos to fight & kill people
in d bar i was at w/ my niggas earlier 2day..Chale, yu’re so
Useless! @iam_davido I stepped on those bottles yo deranged bouncer
smashed olva d place. see, Am makn enof of these money soon just 2 sue u
‘, @Isnitched4Oreos.
She continues ’@iam_davido I
hope that your bouncer dies of internal bleeding frm those cuts he got
for making me go thru this much pain this night. See why i neva fvcked
w/ this stupid CUNT called @iam_davido, nigga is too ghetto hey!. No
amount of money can change this razz-ite. Oloshi!
Davido’s manager Kamal Ajiboye confirms the incident did happen but gave a slight different version. He told NET ‘I
wasn’t at the club but I heard from my people that the DJ found David’s
ATM Card and tried getting money in return for it, things got out of
hand and he attacked the bodygaurd
NET reached out to the
owner of the club Abiola Adegoke on telephone and via text message but
he failed to respond to our queries.
Davido night club controversy

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Kemisola Adeyemi

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    1. When the dj saw the atm card, why didn't he give one of the bouncers instead of going on and persisting to give davido himself.

      Must we request for a tip on any help offered?

  1. When you grow up, you stay up, when you jump up, you fall down. Davido has money but has a lot of growing to do. he is either fighting or slapping people. now his body guards. He should ask Ja rule, Ti, Chris Brown. Most stars who cannot not control their anger and those guarding them never end well.

    Davido, Own your money, dont let your money own you. Thats the difference between Bill Gates and Michael Jackson

    1. why the hate on Davido like dis, not supportin anyborry here , but this is a brawl between d body guard nd the DJ …not Davido nd the DJ, abi na him say make borryguard slap dj.. dnt just base ur judgement cos u hate sum1 or cos e papa rich

  2. This Davido enn, I hope he gets arrested!
    Even when that guy that won the skelewu competition was giving us false testimonies of how Davido is so humble and bla bla bla, I was just nodding my head! Who wouldn't say such, after dey don dash am dollars

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