MIC boss Tunji Okusanya and son confirmed dead as late Agagu’s corpse is retreived from the crash (photo)

imageP.S  Authorities say they have to get in touch with the families first before making manifest public, as plane was chatered!!

Tunji Okunsanya of MIC Caskets & son who were initial survivors have now been confirmed dead by Senator Mamora who visited LASUTH. His niece, Actress Eniola Badmusalso confirmed this…so sad!

The coffin of the late Ondo state ex-governor was found near intact.
While the plane was about to leave the Lagos airport, Ondo State government officials,
including Governor Olusegun Mimiko, as well as other members of Agagu’s
family gathered at the Akure airport waiting for the corpse of the
former governor. They have moved to the Ondo government house after
hearing of the tragedy.
The black box has been given to Accident Investigation Bureau..
Punch reports that Nine bodies have been recovered and six survivors  so far…
We regret attacks, but must address crimes - Ramaphosa to Buhari

Tireni Adebayo

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  1. I am amazed at the information reaching me that Former Govenor Olusegun Agagu's coffin survived the crash…I must say that indeed wonders still happen…..Nigerians awake!!!

  2. This is a very serious OMEN for all Nigerians and the so-called
    politicians. You can run but you can not hide from The Most High.
    The mourners now become the mourned. The evil that men do
    live after them. A former minister of Aviation who did not do much
    to transform the ridiculous situation of aviation when he
    had the opportunity.
    May God grant the dead eternal rest but it does not have to come
    to this before privileged people have a second thoughts of their actions. Could it be the sins of Agagu that has led to this
    calamity? We can only assume but this is too much of a tragedy
    to befall any family at a time like this. Remember, we shall all reap
    what we sow

  3. Very serious indeed, Agagu took d people dat suppose to kip his back along, uh only God knwz wot is nt clear to us, corpse survived, d only son also survived, uh

  4. I think we should feel more for the family of the deceased.our God is not a wicked God.why should two generations of a family and innocent people looking for their daily bread perish and all we can say is dt its Gods judgment.on who -Agagus corpse dt if not becos of our culture cld as well be cremated,or d innoncent family that lost dir family members and workers.Loruko Jesu ibanuje o ni wo ile waa o.its not a joking matter at all.lets all look beyond Agagu.some of us are worst than them.what is ur own input as an individual where God has placed u

  5. Some1 should just wake me up.. Uncle Tj & Jboy.. Oh no dis is a terrible loss! Just spoke to jay dis morning *cry* RIP

  6. Director!! I tried calling him earlier that morning, but the both lines were off , i thought i could reach him later in the day not knowing those phones are going to be off forever .. I still can't believe this , What a loss …

  7. Director!! I tried calling him earlier that morning, but the both lines were off , i thought i could reach him later in the day not knowing those phones are going to be off forever .. I still can't believe this , What a loss …

  8. I pray God will heal the Okunsanya (mic) family. He did a great job at my grand mothers funeral.
    Is time for Nigeria to wake up and stop wasting people's life, talent and gift. It is a great loss and is not encouraging to Nigerian's in diaspora. Any time I think of coming to Nigeria I always cancel it.
    Nigeria at 53yrs you are not there. You have wasted too many lives I will not give mine to you.
    MIC (director), very hardworking man you wasted his life, that is someone's husband, father, uncle and son.
    Shame on you Nigeria, Governor Agagu came alone and went alone but the stupidity not checking the plane properly took innocent lives.

    1. Yes o but please dont be discouraged about Nigeria.God is a Nigeriian.We only need to intensify our prayers that God shLd put His fear into the hearths of our leaders,give us leaders that care about us.

    2. Lets look at this issue closely-whose fault was it that the faulty plane was allowed to fly?the minister was not on the inspection team.Does it mean that the pilot didnt notice anything wrong with the while trying to take off considering how soon the plane crashed after take off?didnt anybody handling that aircraft notice that something was wrong with that aircraft?for crying out loud why do our pilots keep on taking unnecessary risk with their lives and that of other people?why do we as Nigerians in our individual place of work compromise standard?The Lord will help us as a nation.for there to be a change in this nation,everybody must be ready to change and bring about a change

  9. Ever since this tragic incident I have been trying to say something but when I want to grieve overwhelms me. I am grieving for all the innocent souls who said their "see u laters;talk to u when we land" to their families,particularly to the Mic family. My heart has been completely shattered since I read that he didn't make it out alive. Though I don't know this man in person but I feel like I do. I watched him first on the Teju babyface show,I enjoyed his interview so much nd I still watched him in d next season when he came on d show. I remember Teju showing us a flick on his fathers funeral nd how unc. Tunji danced nd carried on about in his characteristic pleasant self. When I read bout d plane crash,I saw that a staff of the mic funeral palour was involved,I quickly googled nd found his name all this time praying he wasn't involved. I then checked d manifest nd found his name infact appearing twice. I got d shock of my life when I read that he didn't survive. All this time I thot the second name was maybe a staff of mic who was wth him or something,I even thot that his workers would join them in akure by road. I became numb when I read that the other name was infact his son and two staff!! Hmmm….these are innocent people who by all means may not even com from ondo state,people in search of their daily bread,in line of duty,on the job. I feel so sad that this people had to go his way. Strangely the people who r related to d Agagu sef survived,I am happy for them o,but innocent people shouldn't have gone. Maybe its time for ppl to be buried where they die,afterall its just dust as d soul has returned to where it came from. Nuff said,Unc. Tunji nd Tunji junior nd d MIC staff,I pray that u are in a much better place now resting nd smiling. RIP

    1. Yes sad.His son that he was grooming to take after him,one of his most trusted and experienced staff.It is only God that can console the MIC family.2generations of a family wiped off just like that.Ooooo gaa o.Lord pls console the entire Okusanya family and MIC staff.oo ti poooju

  10. Great loss for Mrs Okusanya, husband and son dead same day, may God give her the fortitude to bear the loss. May God put an end to this kind of calamity in the nation!

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