Meet the owner of most expensive/sophisticated Nigerian mansion that everyone is talking about (PHOTOS)

Photos of the most expensive and sophisticated mansion in Nigeria have surfaced online and it’s surprising to find that the mansion doesn’t belong to Billionaire Adenuga as stipulated HERE instead the mansion belongs to Okwudili Umenyiora, CEO of Dilly Motors.
Car dealer, Dili and his pregnant wife moved into the marvellous edifice three weeks ago with their two kids.
Dili’s mum is married to the owner of Germaine motors and he is the half brother of Naeto C’s wife Nicole.
Facts you didn’t know about the mansion:
The housekeeping is being done by five house keepers, one of which is a Philippine woman.
The mansion obviously cost a jaw-dropping fortune
The mansion was built in 4 years!
See more photos of the cute couple and his customized Lamborghini below:


See more photos of the mansion HERE

BTW, I found this interesting story about the Okwudili Umenyiora, read it HERE


KFB Exclusive! Lepacious Bose’s house maid flees from home over maltreatment

Popular Comedian, Lepacious Bose is presently looking for her house maid, Abiba.
Insiders tell KFB

that Abiba actually ran away from home in Sparklight estate, on the 6th of
October when her madam/boss, Lepacious Bose sent her on errand to buy

"...Lepacious Bose maltreats that girl, she shouts on her all the tim

e and makes her do all the work so I'm sure she ran away" a resident of the estate who claimed anonymity said.
Another source says "I don't know if she maltreats the girl but you know how some cunning some maids can be, maybe the girl ran away because she wants a new home..."

Lepacious Bose in a interview with a

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