“Keeping My Man” movie had a few flaws but I will love to watch it AGAIN!

Keeping My Man movie

Whoop, our movie of the week is Rukky Sanda’s newly released “Keeping my  man”.
Truth be told, I’m not a Rukky Sanda fan and I don’t even watch her movies but she’s just earned herself a new fan (moi) courtesy of her Keeping My Man movie.

I remember walking uninterestedly into the silverbird galleria in Ikeja during the sallah break, with the expectation of been disappointed.
I was already biased even before I stepped into the movie hall, however, I resolved to give the movie a chance when the first five scenes got me giggling. 
Keeping My Man poster

Keeping my Man stars Ramsey Noah, Monalisa Chinda, Alex Ekubo, Ini Edo and Kenneth Okoli…

 Oh by the way, Karen Igho scenes (we were made to believe that she’l be playing a major role in the movie)  were cut out off the movie, and I wonder why!

My Man’ is the story of three women; Rukky, Ini Edo and Monalisa who strive to keep the spark in their marriages.
Rukky played the patient, pretty and good wife who seemed to understand her husband perfectly, while Ini played the confused wife who always wanted adventure on bed with her husband and Monalisa played the hard-hear-ted married woman who was more concerned about her perfect shape than her husband’s needs.
Zion (Rukky) and Tokunbo
(Ramsey Nouah) are the seemly perfect couple with excessive public
display of affection while the two other couples: Maya (Ini Edo) and Rasheed (Alex Ekubo); and Tamar (Mona Chinda) and Lanre (Kenneth Okoli) lack communication in their marriage, they never seem to get anything right when it comes to having sex.

Maya (Ini Edo) wants her marriage to be as “perfect” as that of Zion and Tokunbo so she always  looks up to them and adopts all of Zion’s method of sexually turning her husband on, while Tamar
(Monalisa) is the free-spirited woman who questions the role of African
woman in a marriage. But all in all, nothing is as it seems.

Keeping My Man - Rukky Sanda and Ini Edo

Maya’s husband (Alex Ekubo) hates seeing his wife in skimpy outfits, he tells her “those things make you look like a whore, I love you just the way, you don’t need to impress me” but Ini Edo doesn’t get it until the very end.

Keeping My Man - Ini Edo and Alex Ekubo

 Tamar’s husband (Kenneth Okoli) loved sex but unlike him, his wife dreaded the activity all in a bid to stay in shape – she already has three kids and she’s trying to avoid getting pregnant again and getting FAT so she sex-starves her husband and achieves this by coming up with different excuses each time he wanted it – they had to see a marriage counselor!

Keeping My Man - Kenneth Okoli and Monalisa Chinda
Keeping My Man - Monalisa Chinda and Kenneth Okoli

Rukky Sanda the “perfect” wife always cooks good food her husband, listens to him and believes whatever he tells her,  plus she satisfies him with “her special dessert” wherever and whenever  he wants it (be it in the office).

Keeping My Man - RAMSEy Nouah and RUKKY
Keeping My Man - Ramsey Nouah

 Ini Edo once tried playing the same “special dessert” sex game with her husband but she ended up being scolded and embarrassed – totally loved Alex in the movie, the way he spoke his Yoruba language in his scenes, generated resounding bolts of laughter around the movie hall.

Things soon take a new twist when the news breaks out that Tokunbo (Ramsey Nouah) isn’t the perfect husband that everyone thought him to be!

Keeping My Man explores the length couples would go, doing all it
takes to keep the bliss years after exchanging marital vow. It  revolves around fear
of the future, marriage, relationship and the kind of things we
basically worry about.
Keeping my man preaches the importance of communication in marriage.
Truth be told, the movie had some slight flaws, Rukky Sanda for instance wore the same ear-rings all through the movie – a rich wife should have hundreds of that stuff – also, the sound track overshadowed the voices of the characters at some scenes and YES, the ending was quite unexpected, it got many of the viewers (including me) hissing – for crying out loud everyone was curious to know what became of the “once perfect Zion and Tokunbo marriage”
Anyways, I think you should head to the cinema and see for yourself – take your boo, your fiancee, your wife, girlfriends etc; I assure you it is money well-spent.
Watch the trailer for Keeping My Man HERE.


Big Boy Thangs! Iyanya causes big stir at Computer Village Ikeja as he signs N35m new endorsement deal (PHOTOS)

Iyanya is undoubtedly the man of the season and he’s got it all working for him!
Adding to his list of  brand endorsement deals, the “kukere”
crooner sealed off a N35million deal with Solo phone this afternoon.
Sealing off his 3rd endorsement this year, Iyanya was further given a brand new 2013 Prado.
To sign the one year contract, Iyanya had to show up at the
company’s office at Computer Village, Ikeja and to his amazement, the
entire market, fans were all waiting to catch a glimpse of him.
As a matter of fact, his visit caused a big stir at the village.
 See photos below:
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