KFB Diary: I fell inlove with his soft palms

I hope you guy this
Diary: This is the story of the first and last time I fell in love.
It isn’t
exactly a ‘love at first sight story’ but it is quite fascinating.
all started at a shopping Mall (the mall is not as big as it sounds),
the chocolate/candy session to be precise, when I felt a tap on my
shoulder. I turned to see who and there stood a proud-looking stranger
“You tapped me?” I said
I did. I need a quick recommendation from you. Which of these would you
suggest that I get for my kid sister, she’s 8” I hesitated at first but
on a second thought, I suggested he went for the vanilla flavor (that’s
my favorite). He smiled in appreciation while I retired to my shopping.
A few seconds later, he tapped me again
“I am so sorry but I have
also got a 7year old niece at home, do you think I should get this for
her too?” politely, I nodded in approval and retired to my shopping but
he stopped me and asked again
“I know you are in a hurry but do you think it’s worth buying, I mean, what if they don’t like the stuff”
love chocolates” I replied brusquely so as to get rid of him.  I
rounded up my shopping and started to walk away because I was running
late for an appointment.
“Hey” he said as he caught up with me and stopped me.
time I wasn’t polite; I gave him a look of “could you please leave me
alone” but he didn’t seem to get it. Instead he beamed, introduced
himself and offered a handshake.
Honestly, my intention was to
accept the handshake and get out of the mall coz I was running late but
things turned out differently. We shook hands and then I flipped.
me, I found myself smiling heartily, like I was under some kind of
spell. His palm was so soft, so very truly and absolutely soft and it
drove me crazy.
I was like “wow, I love your palms…they are so
soft” (my palms are rigid; there is virtually nothing that I haven’t
done to soften them besides they are so stubborn…lol, so I kind of
appreciate and admire people with soft palms).
Instead of
refraining from the handshake, I incredibly held onto the palm (flip)
and started fiddling with them (I forgot to mention that I unconsciously
took hold of the other palm too). The action got him laughing and I
embarrassedly laughed back and it wasn’t until then that I noticed his
handsome face, heavy chest, broad shoulders and dimples. To top it all,
we got talking and I forgot about the appointment I was running late
That was how we started hanging out and then I fell in love
with him but in the actual sense, it was his soft magical palms that
made me fall.
Barely two years, two months, two weeks and two days
after, we walked down the aisle and exchanged our wedding rings and
marital vow. Something funny happened while reciting my vow to him, I
held onto his soft palm and said “…I vow to always love you in all your
forms, stay with you forever and together we shall make the best use of
this rich love of ours…I vow to always cherish you and your soft palms…”
the congregation burst into laughter and my pastor too, for they didn’t
understand what was happening but my husband did and he gave me an
assuring smile.
Well, it’s over fifty years today and I am still in love with my husband’s soft palms…and that’s my incredible story!


How Aviation Minister Forced Aviation Agency To Buy Her 2 Armored Cars Worth $1.6m

According to SaharaReporters, they have obtained documents further
exposing the depth of corruption and mismanagement of public funds at
Nigeria’s Ministry of Aviation headed by Stella Oduah.

One of the documents details how Ms. Oduah compelled the
cash-strapped Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) to purchase two
armored BMW cars for the minister.
NCAA is the agency charged with ensuring the airworthiness of commercial planes flying within Nigeria’s airspace.

Two officials of the agency told SaharaReporters that the NCAA did
not have enough funds to upgrade equipment, send staff for critical
training, and hire enough qualified staff.
“Yet, all the minister is concerned about is to have two exotic BMW cars
from the little money we have for operations,” one of the sources said.

The documents obtained by SaharaReporters indicate that the
transaction for the...


Wizkid spends Sallah break with his cute 2year old son (photo)

Aww, Wizkid is such a great dad.
To make up for his busy schedules, Wizkid decided to spend today with his two year old son, Boluwatife.
You see, despite the fact that Wizkid is not with
his baby's mum, he's a great dad to Boluwatife. He even has his name
tattooed on his left hand.
The little man even plaits his hair...

So cute!

Davido to release another video as fans criticize his newly-released skelewu video

The highly anticipated skelewu video was  released a few hours and in a twinkle of an eye, the video got over 20, 000 views.
it appears that many of Davido's fan are not very pleased with the
video and in a bid to make up for the criticisms (I wasn't impressed too), Davido announced that
the official video is being redone.

See some of their complaints below:

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