9ice and Toni Payne’s son, Zion, is having the best childhood (photos) + Toni Payne set to remarry?

Zion and dad last year
9ice and Toni Payne

Even though his parents – 9ice and Toni Payne – are no longer together, Zion is having all the parental attention that he needs, having a fantastic childhood and the best part is, Zion is so handsome! Toni Payne calls him her “everything”.
In 2010, showbiz personality/manager/spoken word artiste Toni Payne and hubby singer 9ice separated.
See recent photos of handsome Zion below:
The “young man” sure loves sports!

Btw, it’s like Toni Payne is toying with the idea of getting married again…see her recent tweets below:

And then she recently shared the photo below with the caption “Wouldn’t it be nice coming home to this after a long day hustling


OJB Jezreel discharged from hospital in India, releases “thank you” note to Nigerians

Whoop, do you remember the #SaveOJB project (HERE)?
Well, after a successful surgery in far away India, ace producer OJB Jezreel has finally been discharged from the hospital.
He is full of gratitude to God and to Nigerians for their prayers and financial support.
Read below his press statement below:

fellow Nigerians. Greetings from far away India !I am sure this note
from me will catch you with a little surprise. I have been reading a lot
of news about ME being published on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and
different Blogs by my good friends. I thought I must take out a quick
moment and let you know that I am officially discharged today from the
hospital, after a successful Kidney Transplantation...

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