So I watched Geneveive Nnaji and Joseph Benjamin’s ‘Tango With Me’ movie…boring???

I love movies and I have reviewed quite a few HERE HERE, HERE, HERE, HEREand many more,as a matter of fact, I initially started this blog with movie reviews, the likes of “0h God!: Meet the Man who saw God face-2-face, spoke with him and fought for him but I kinda stopped.

 I re-birth the movie review last Wednesday with Phone Swap and truth be told, I was impressed with the number of views I got for the post, so I will keep reviewing the movies!
 This week I got to watch the much talked about Tango With Me,
a movie produced and directed by Mahmood Ali Balogun.  It tells the story of a couple, Lola (Genevieve Nnaji) and Uzo
(Joseph Benjamin) who begin to face the challenges of marriage on their
wedding night – one’s wedding night is supposed to be the sweetest night ever but theirs turned out to be the most disastrous!

The movie begins with the couple, Genevieve Nnaji (Lola) and Joseph Benjamin (Uzo) in a marriage counselor’s office. Make no mistake; this is not Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Uzo and Lola
are not Russian Spies.  They have real problems.
What would bring a newly wedded couple to a marriage counselor
after just three months into their marriage?  The counselor played by Bimbo Manuel (who
by the way remains faceless throughout the movie) is curious and the drama begins to unfold…sighs!

There I was thrust into a series of flash backs – how Lola met Uzo on her resumption at her PPA which was a bank (Genevieve looked so cute in her NYSC uniform), how they fell in love at first sight, dated for three years and how Lola kept her virginity till her wedding night!

Then I was taken back to the Counselors’ office but this time it’s just Lola, Uzo had opt out.  

Visiting a marriage
counselor was Lola’s idea in the first place and Uzo was not happy about

 Lola starts to
tell us what happened on the Wedding Night – how they played lovey-dovey
all through their flight to the special hotel booked for their
honeymoon, how a nervous Genevieve went to have shower and prayed to God
to make that night special for her…blah blah and fast forward to when
the armed robbers burst in and raped her – ouch!

The story now continues chronologically
from this point on and their marriage begins to show signs of collapse. Lola finds it hard to let Uzo touch or hold her, let alone sleep with her.
One afternoon, Lola
is at home after a day at work and turns on the TV and it’s the famous
Nigerian Televangelist, Late Pastor Bimbo Odukoya who preaches on
forgiveness. After Lola hears Pastor Bimbo, she is encouraged and finally begins to come around. She tells Uzo,
they should “try again”. It seems a good idea but Uzo hasn’t forgotten
his past failure so soon. The memory haunts him and he can’t rise to the
occasion. “We don’t have to do anything, we can just hold each other”,
Lola says in encouragement. 

 It gets tough when Miss Bankole
(Tina Mba), Uzo’s boss takes a liking to him, she seduces him and becomes his mistress. The role of the adulteress is played perfectly by Tina Mba, however I am yet to comprehend her mode of dressing in relation to her role
as the MD/CEO of a major company in Lagos. Her make-up was awful. She
looked like a total drag queen in most of her scenes.

And then it gets worse when Genevieve finds out that she is pregnant – they initially agree to have an abortion but Genevieve opts out and insists on keeping the baby – At this point, the movie began to drag, it became boring but I wanted to see the very end…

decides to move out of her matrimonial home because her husband’s nonchalant
and drinking habit were starting to become unbearable.
goes back to her father’s house; her mother played by Joke Silver is
happy to see her but hopes it’s a short stay. Her father Ahmed Yerima
doesn’t want to have anything to do with the fiasco. He wants her back
in her husband’s house without caring what went wrong.
 Uzo soon began to grow beards probably because the guilt and frustration is getting to
him. The beards made him look very ugly but notwithstanding his overall performance was brilliant.

BTW, I loved how
NTA’s Cyril Stober was brought in as a newscaster in the movie, it all looked so real!

At the end of the day, love prevailed and they lived happily ever after…Tango With Me is
a must watch. It is a story of love, and forgiveness. A movie that is
sure to provoke you emotionally and intellectually but someone that’s not very patient may find it boring.


Desperate okada man flings himself in front of oncoming trailer over seizure of his bike

 Pandemonium broke out yesterday at Iyana Adeoyo, Ring Road area of
Ibadan when an unidentified man in his thirties, attempted suicide by
jumping in front of oncoming vehicle.
The not-so-young man, embarked on the suicide
mission after officers of the Oyo State commercial vehicle registration
unit impounded his bike for having fake papers.
He tried to plead with the officers but when his pleas fell on deaf
ears, he went into a frenzy, ran towards an oncoming trailer and flung
himself in front of the vehicle.
Luckily for him, onlookers were able to rescue him on time but then
again, the man threw himself under an SUV, yet he was pulled out again.
On realizing that his suicidal attempt were not working, he reportedly went into shock, started...
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