She’s not divorced! Movie star Bukky Wright finally talks husband and kids in new interview

Healthplus CEO, Bukky George shares Isolation Centre experience

All the while, I thought she was divorced – well, she is happily married!
Bukky Wright is one movie star that has waded through testing
scandals and controversies that could last her a lifetime, but she is

In a recent interview with Tribune, she opened up on her pains and gains of being a celebrity, among other issues, oh by the way she mentioned her husband!

See excerpts below:
Sometime ago you were rated as one of the most controversial
actresses in Nollywood; does controversy suit you and does it really get
to you at all?

It does not get to me. It takes the grace of God and determination to
stay in this kind of profession without going through controversies here
and there, but I have never allowed controversies to get to me. I
understand the fact that I have a price to pay for being a celebrity.
But that does not mean I should start jumping over the place because I
am a celebrity or because I want people to know I am still relevant.
Those who say I am controversial don’t know me. I am different things to
different people. I am sure you would have your own idea of who Bukky
Wright is by the time this interactive session is over.

So, who is the real Bukky Wright?
The real Bukky Wright is God-fearing, down to earth, but very blunt to a
large extent. The funny thing about this job is that people won’t
complain if you act in a movie where you are asked to cry from the
beginning to the end. It will surprise you to hear that some of my fans
do tell me that when I am crying in movies, they also cry. What that
tells you is that I am doing what I have to do rightly, interpreting my
roles passionately.
How does your husband react to some of these things?
Most of the time, he does not like seeing or hearing anything about that
and he would want me to take an action that would serve as a deterrent
to others, but I will say no.

Tell us more about him?
My husband is a perfect gentleman and I thank God for his life. In fact,
some people will even use him to blackmail me when I am not taking
their scripts. I have been able to carve that little bit of privacy for
myself, husband and children. That is how far I can tell you about him.

Why do celebrities like to live fake lives?
I think it is crazy for any celebrity to paint the picture of what he or
she cannot achieve five years from now. They call it showbiz and you
have to show, but sometimes, you have to put that aside and be yourself.
I am not the kind of woman that likes to do what others do. I love to
be myself and those who know me would tell you that is Bukky for you.
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“I’m still worth more money than your entire family put together” Eldee blasts Arsenal fan

Rapper Eldee

Hours ago, Song writer and music producer Eldee the Don damned all the odds and blasted a fan who insulted him on twitter.

It all started when the Trybe records boss dissed Arsenal football club fans by tweeting “I love to taunt arsenal fans LOL!

Apparently the tweet did not go down with a certain arsenal fan with the twitter handle @mistaTEEE as the fellow responded saying “this is why your albums don’t sell

Replying the tweet, Eldee the don said “LOL..and I’m still worth
more $ than your entire family put together, sad…Arsenal fans are very
easy to poke at and get a reaction lol. Tooo emotional lmao…Ladies and
gentlemen, dont dish what you can’t eat. Just when u think u have bad

Not showing any remorse for his harsh reply, Eldee...


Police IG, Mohammad Abubakar remarries in grand style (PHOTOS)

The Nikkai ceremony between the Inspector General of Police
Mohammed Abubakar and his belle Zarha Bunu held on Friday September 13th
in Abuja. while the grand wedding (fatiha) took place at the National
Mosque, Abuja on Saturday.
Many dignitaries, including Vice-President Namadi Sambo, Minister of
Justice, Mohammed Adoke, multi-billionaire industrialist, Aliko Dangote,
and state governors, graced the wedding.

Also at the wedding were two former Head of State, Gen. Abdulsalam
Abubakar, Minister of the FCT, Bala Mohammed and members of the National

The reception held at the ThisDay Dome.
See photos below:


92 year old man marries 22 year old girl (Photos)

A 22 year old is no longer what was she thinking?!

A 92-year-old man in Iraq married a woman 70 years his junior. Muslai
Mohammed, one of the most prominent figures in his village, decided to
get married three years after the death of his first wife, who died aged
58.He said "I remained alone when my wife died, there was nobody to share anything with. I wanted to have a good time, have some pleasure, but there was nothing. Then God brought her to me, for my pleasure. Is that good or bad?,"
Muna al-Jabouri, his new wife, said: "I accepted (to marry him) when I saw his pictures and realised it was my fate"

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