See what Dr Sid wore to a wedding in Scotland (photos)

So Dr Sid was the groomsman at a Nigerian wedding in Scotland over the weekend and he rocked a skirt, lol. I think the skirt looks good on him though. See more photos below: 


Tireni Adebayo

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  1. even though the wedding was in Scotland, it doesn't warrant a man who is not used to their tradition to dress as such when he has an option of dressing corporately. Soon now peepe be assuming that he is gay

  2. How about the oyibos that wear our natives when getting married ? Dr Sid was a bridegroom and he has to wear clothing that they tell him to wear, otherwise it spoils it.

  3. Sid don wear em skirt, do em scotish tins finish, una dey hia dey contemplate who b groomsman n who b bridesgroom. U see, we 9ja enhh… We wori o. Na so oyibo dey deal on practical, our own na theory, excess analysis/cross examination,and so so grammer. Lol

  4. When in Rome, act as the Romans (provided it's a good culture) Wearing as kilt is a normal attire in Scotland, so for those who are condemning the Naija guy for donning one, I have to ask, would you be so mad if an oyibo refuses to wear our native wear on grounds that it is not a white outfit? Broaden your views please!

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