Scandal! How Emeka Ike and Wife mis-manage St Nicholas College and spend teachers’ salary on hard drug (Exclusive)

Emeka Ike’s wife and kids

In 2008, former Nollywood actor established a N200 million school, St
Nicholas College, 1, Raji Oladimeji Crescent, Magodo, Lagos.
He established the school with the aim of  giving the Nigerian child
the best education.
In his words then “Basically, I feel Nigerian youth deserve better and
we are seeing how we can correct one or two anomalies in the academic sector.
We have schools without laboratories, no quality class rooms, no good
facilities, so we are trying our best to get Nigerian youth together. It took
me a while to complete the school…It was a huge investment. I believe in
building the Nigerian youth. It’s not all about money, we are
here to impact.”
Well, it appears the man who claimed not to “love money” is now
obsessed with it!

Teachers & Salary/Fake Board of Directors:
A source exclusively revealed to KFB that Emeka Ike is fond of using his teachers like
“He makes them go extra mile but doesn’t pay them. He owes them for
months, he hasn’t paid them for six months now yet money is coming in…The
school buildings are about collapsing, the roofs are leaking and he doesn’t
seem to care…He doesn’t care about renovating the school, all he cares about
is the money”
Also confirming the story, another source who presently works in the school
disclosed that many of the good teachers had quit, while the new teachers in
school are half-baked and non.professionals
“…Some don’t even have NCE yet
they are teachers…No one goes into a project without benefiting from it but
my oga’s intent in the education sector is just to collect money…The man is
such a broke-ass. He has no business in the educational sector so he should
just leave instead of destroying the lives of these young ones. The school slogan is the belief in your dream and he doesn’t even show
any belief in the kids dream.”
Further revelations to KFB
showed that Emeka Ike doesn’t have a proper board of directors, the names only
exist on paper. “The school management team comprises of him and his wife
alone….who does that ” one of my sources stated, adding that
“the annoying thing is, when teachers complain of salaries, his usual
excuse is, the federal government also owes his workers, even AIT’s Dokpesi
also owes his staff and they don’t complain, so get used to it.”
The longest serving teachers in the school are Mrs Ejim and Mr
Odusolu….but the former left a while ago after being owed  six months’salary. He even recently sacked his
school principal because “he wasn’t ready to condole the wrong acts in the
school and its mismanagement…”
Feeding/Electricity/Poor Management:
Despite the high school fees the students pay, he fails to give them a
balanced diet, sometimes their meal is a repetition of  breakfast and
dinner. Most times they eat without meat and fish .
“They sometimes eat rice in the morning and still
take it for dinner. Anyways, the smart ones have changed to the other schools. They
complained to their parents. The few ones left here are the ones I pity”
the source further revealed. As a result of the
mismanagement all the students in the school left leaving him with only
13 students for the third term session.”
What he spends his money on:
All he spends his money on is “IGBO cocaine and women” Oh

“Yes, his tout gateman, Ahmed, who doubles as his driver and multipurpose P.A,
is the one in charge of that. All he does is use the school bus which he (Emeka
Ike) just bought to run errands for his boss i.e get the cocaine and the prostitutes.
We all know he takes that stuff, we do…and after he sniffs it, he starts
misbehaving….no wonder he has fought with all his Nollywood colleagues to the
extent that they don’t feature him in their movies anymore”
His Wife:
“His wife, Emma, born to a German dad and a Nigerian mother, is no
better. She is the proprietress. They both squander the money coming in. He
beats her, damn, he beats her like crazy but when he spoils her, he spoils her
with money…they have four kids, Michael, 11, Kelly, 8, Jason 5 and Andrea,
2. I really hope the situation is rectified otherwise the school should be closed down…”
Oh well…Emeka Ike!

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  1. I am not surprised, Emeka Ike's life is such a mess now. The other day he fought one of his staff for correcting him in front of a parent, he is now a shadow of himself

    1. the staff deserves the punishment!!!! It is wrong for a junior staff or any staff to correct his or her boss in public, it's disrespectful

    1. He is not a nobody so therefore mind what you say. He is my favorite actor sha and nothing you say can change my impression of him

  2. lwkmd, i eat rice three times a day so them eating rice twice a day is nothing serious. Emeka Ike you no try at all sha

    1. Yimu…ode. Dokpesi is broke. All his old staff have left for TVC and other radio stations. He owes them big big time.

    2. Why would anyone just castigate Dokpesi or AIT over an unverified accusation without even hearing from the other side.
      I can't understand how a worker will survive without his salary for months, me I can't do it o.
      If the accusation is genuine, then NLC & TUC should come to their aids. They might even be contract staff. PATHETIC!


  4. dis 1 don stale o. na so emeka dey do. he is a broke ass. never paid me for the 3 months i worked for him, he kept bribing us with stipends till i left his school, so that we wudnt ask for our money. he is a real tout o

  5. my God will personally deal with him. worked for him for five months and went ahead to sack me without paying me a dime for d period i stayed with him. very good you have published this story. nemesis has caught up with him, he is owing alot of people. Godd will deal with him 4 us all

  6. emeka is useless o, beats up his wife after sniffing that his stuff, whenever she makes a little mistake. he isnt a role model at all. very useless man indeed.

  7. Nawa o. Na only the school teachers' comments wey full here, them dey vex gan o. I am waiting for Stella dimokokorkus reaction to this story sha, she is the only one I tend to believe these days though kemi you are trying too.

    1. I can tell you that not all private schools are like that. I challenge anyone (including you or Kemi herself) to turn their searchlight towards God's Family Children Home School @ 16, Adebayo street, Iyana-Ipaja, Lagos. I taught there for some years and all through my stay there, the owner of the school will always encourage her teachers to improve on themselves and my salary was never unnecessarily delayed. Till today, I still maintain contact with the school head. So, NOT ALL PRIVATE SCHOOLS ARE LIKE THAT!!!

  8. You peaople are just trying to dent his image. Emeka ike is a cool and hard working man. You just want to spoil emeka's business because you hate him. Where did you see him smoking Igbo & coccain?

  9. why is it that most blog all they love to publish is negative things abt people mostly celebrity or pastors etc, am yet to see any blog who publish individual who are making progress in their business and changing the lifes of others, or tell us how they started and get to the level they are, what joy does it give, you wake up in the morning what you think is how to post an article of scandal and gossip of yr fellow human, take yr self for example if you see yr name in all social media ppl saying evil things abt you, how will you feel?… what is wrong if you guys bring out the good in other.. so as to encourage people who are giving up in life…cos all you guys do is to create hate in the heart of many unknown to you, kemi, i love you blog and i what you to stand out from others…. there is no joy in destroying people name… more of uplifting stories than degrading story …. no hard feelings

  10. is unfair and dehumanized not to pay anyone working under you for so long.if its u what will you do. how do they cope with life demands.they are working to be payed,so they deserve their isn't judgment but fact

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