Funny Tweets! Wizkid versus fan; Toolz versus fan; Dr Sid versus fan

When you poke your nose into a discussion that doesn’t concern you, be ready for the insult(s) that follow, lol!
Hours ago,  Wizkid tweeted”Will you let me hit it in the morning? he wasn’t referring to anyone in particular but a troublesome fan who obviously wanted to be noticed, replied with “Nope” and then she got a “Err question not for you ma..ignore it…” reply from Wizkid.
Many of his fans found it so funny and began replying.
Also, some minutes ago, Toolz tweeted” “Awon tin ma twerk l’ori Youtube‘ and Dr Sid replied her saying “Kilo she won? and then a fan kinda dissed Dr Sid by telling him to“Stop Famzing”.
The answer kinda pissed Dr Sid off as he immediately responded with “Mind your business Ode (fool) Famzing who?
See the tweets below:
Young people all over the world now learning from me -''Slapping senator'' Elisha Abbo


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