BurnaBoy Allegedly Assaults & Humiliates A Salesgirl In Portharcourt

He did what?!
When Burna boy arrived PH on the 24th of August, he disclosed almost immediately that he was having a bad time saying…(see tweet below).

So he decided to stop by at Silverbird Cinema and right there he allegedly humiliated a sales girl.
According to eye witness ,  musician Burna boy slapped, poured a drink on
& humiliated a young girl that sells movie tickets at Silverbird
The situation was so bad that cops had
to be invited.
See tweets  below:

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Kemisola Adeyemi

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    1. shut the fuck up!!! many celebrities mistaken the fact not all women are women. The ones that dance in their videos half Unclad, and allow themselves to be caressed "publicly"are not women. They are tools-items to be used and kept till they are needed again. Women are people with dignity. They work, keeping their dignity, to earn a living. Its alright to do what he did to a tool. But for a woman, no. He should be dealt with.

  1. The most annoying tin about dis is, he'll just go unpunished because he's a "celebrity". The lady shld be encouraged to sue his a55. I used to like him b4, but he just showed he's not a man.

  2. Whats wrong with all these yeyebrities and their madness?The other time it was Oprah and now 'Burn-a-boy'.They really need to watch it.Anyway it is just a matter of time before somebody deal seriously with these excessive from the so-called stars.

  3. Who is even Burna boy self? Lookin at his dressin wit his dirty boxers dat dey re sellin 150naira he's just a tout and dats d only way he behaved d way he did. Its only tout dat can do such tin.

  4. why blame the wonder ape, he's actually living up to his name. Thank God the girl was only literarily and not physicaly burnt, so much for being a public figure.

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