A MUST READ: A letter to my pastor


After reading through this letter, it got me thinking! It was written by my sister and I thought it wise to share it with you all.

for all your efforts to lead Men to their maker. We are already in the days
when the Christians should stand for who and what they believe in.
The times
are here when Christians should no longer be lukewarm as they used to be. We
should rather neglect the doctrine of the Nicolatians as in Revelations 2:15.
all these messages have not been taught in a very long time now. There are
things we should be hearing now from the pulpit that we are not getting.
Tell the
church that we are already in the End time and stop saying that “the End Time
is near or is still coming”. Tell us, pastor that the second coming of God has
already come.
tell us “it is well” when it is not, “You shall make it” when people are far
from making it. Our ears are already full of “seven keys of prosperity” or “ways
to live in great riches
”. Instead Pastor, tell us that majority of us are
still living in sin and that it would catch up with us soon.
tell the church that tomorrow might be too late to right those wrongs. Tell us
to forgive, to show care, to live in peace, to stop those acts (sins) holding
us back. We all know them but they seem as part of our nature.
Pastor, don’t tell us to enjoy our life or to live our life to the fullest,
but, tell us that this life that we live is not ours and that the owner will
take it soon.

Tell us
to cease from those little foxes and secret faults. Let us know that there is a
God who sees all our deepest secrets. Don’t always tell us that “whenever we sin, we can always ask for God’s
. Without mending our ways, we fall short of his glory (Romans 6:

remind us of the trumpet that is about to be blown. Let us know that after
death comes Judgment.
us pastor to live a life void of sin, to present ourselves without spot or
wrinkle when Christ shall come for his church.
remind us that to gain this world and its riches is to lose our souls; so tell
us to protect our souls by fixing our eyes on the cross and not to be attracted
to the worldly pleasures.
remind the fathers at this end time to remain steadfast on Christ. They should
teach and lay good examples to the children.
Tell the
husbands to love their wives as Christ loves the church. Tell them to flee from
adultery (one of the ways out of the favor of God).
To the
mothers and wives, tell them to fear God with all their hearts, bodies and
souls. Only through this, they can be praised (Proverbs 31:30). Tell them to honor
their husbands and bring up their children in a Godly way and keep the family
together through prayers.
And to
the youth, Daddy, tell us to use our strength to increase God’s kingdom and not
to indulge in worldliness and immorality. These make our sun set at mid-day,
God forbid!
Tell us
to remember our God in these days of our youth. Encourage us that God has set
us up this end time to wage war against the kingdom of darkness.
pastor, remind us that at this end time, the devil is really fighting hard to
draw us to hell because he knows what mighty potential we carry.  The devil is trying to blindfold us from
seeing God’s plan for us.
the young brothers and sisters to keep themselves pure and clean till Christ comes
to take us home. Finally to the youth, tell us that we are to show forth the
praises of our God and king in our speech, dressing, actions and attitude.
To the
little children, Pastor, smile and hold them in your hands and tell them to
obey the elders and to continue to love one another.
all pastor, tell the church, all these, before the fire frizzle out of the
church and many are drifted to hell. Warn us and tell us that the end time is
tickling by!!!


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