Wedding Saga Continues: Pastor Kumuyi Suspends His Son John and His New Wife

The leadership of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry has suspended the
son of the General Superintendent of the church and his wife, John and
Love Kumuyi from carrying out any activity in the church over their
recent controversial wedding in Jamaica.

This is coming after the couple tendered a letter of apology.

The church says it decided to place the couple on suspension to give them time to pray and seek forgiveness from God for their action and was announced by Pastor Philip Oluwi, a key leader in the church.
Oluwi, certainly is acting on the instruction from the General
Superintendent of the church, Pastor William Kumuyi, to suspend the
couple for the embarrassment they brought upon the church during the
wedding, emphasizing that the standard of Deeper Life regarding wedding
and moderacy had not changed.

“The church, Deeper Life, remains committed to the biblical practice and
standard of almost 40 years Christian dressing and still remains and
does not compromise on biblical Christian dressing.

“Hence, deviation warrants the displeasure and frown of God and the
leadership of the church. John and Love are now under discipline,” Oluwi
announced to the entire congregation, an action that helped to calm the
nerves of many Deeper Life faithful.

However, P.M.NEWS investigation revealed that John and Love’s wedding was not conducted in a Deeper Life Bible Church.

It was also not conducted by pastors from the church as Deeper Life
Bible Church in Jamaica has not been licensed by the country’s
government to join couples in wedlock, according to the laws of Jamaica.

The wedding was taken to another church where the ministers in the
unnamed church conducted the wedding and joined them in holy matrimony.

Besides, Deeper Life leaders that came from Nigeria were said to have
disapproved of the earlier gown Love was to wear for the wedding, while
another was hurriedly sewed the night before the wedding.

Church leaders were said not to have seen the new dress until the couple
was marching into the church and by then, it was too late to take any
action as the wedding was not conducted in a Deeper Life church.


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Video/Full Text of John and Love Kumuyi’s Letter of Apology to Deeper Life Church

Days ago I told you guys that John Kumuyi had tendered a letter of apology to the Deeper Life Church, well he truly has! During a programme last weekend at one of the Deeper Life Churches in
Lagos, the host pastor read out a letter of apology from John and Love
Kumuyi addressed to the overall Church Secretary and directed to the
church leadership and members, stating that they took full
responsibility for any controversy arising out of their wedding.
Read the full text of the letter and see the video (from 3.00) below.

June 22nd, 2013,
The Church Secretary,
Deeper Christain Life Ministry


John and Love Kumuyi, write to express our deepest and most sincere
apology for the turn of events, that have resulted on...


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