Have You Heard About Love Letters….


You all should read this (especially the cheerful givers)…
Love Letters, slated for the 27th
of July, 2013, will take place at Ember Creek, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi.
It is a programme being organized on behalf of
the ‘So Said Charity Home’, Okota, Lagos;
a home for mentally challenged women and special children, and has been
operating since the year 2000. They have needs which I am willing to attend to
with the best of my ability. 
The concept of the programme implores its
audience to come with written letters of encouraging, inspiring, loving and
thought provoking words. These letters are for the people at the home as well
as the audience themselves. We all have scars…mostly beneath our clothes.

The letters will be read out either by the
writers or the MC. The best of these letters will be pasted on the notice
boards at the charity home (I’ve been told by the matron that despite their
mental instability, these women are encouraged to read. Some of the kids go to
school). I will also be giving out t-shirts with the prints, ‘I Wrote a Love Letter’
on them, as memoirs from the event.

 For entertainment, salute poetry performances
by poetry queen Dolapo Ogunwale and OBII, and musical renditions by SOJ and
Oluwaseun P, will grace the stage.  
Before the performances of poetry and song,
before the reading of letters from the heart, there would be a sales affair.
I’m bringing bakers together under one roof to showcase and sell their
pastries. Proceeds from these then go to the home.
Have Done This Before

February 14, 2013 was a memorable day for most
of us. For everyone who came out to the programme, it was a memorable evening
at RED.
RED was a programme I organised on behalf of
the Arrows of God Orphanage, Oke-Ira Nla, Ajah, Lagos. It was a programme for the expression
of talents and we had quite a number of poets and soloists come out to showcase
Amidst the fun and nibbling on snacks and
drinks, people donated money specifically for the health of the children and
the general up keep of the orphanage. We were able to raise about N50, 000. It
was not much (mostly because a lot of people could not make it due to traffic)
but, it was worth it and well appreciated by the orphanage.
I am quite pleased to tell you that I follow
up regularly with Arrows of God and quite a number of people donated money that
month of February after RED, and some are still giving. From the publicity they
got from RED as well, they now have a pediatrician who regularly checks up on
the children at the orphanage every fortnight.
 So, I’m doing this again, this time for So
Said Charity Home. God willing, this will be another success! I thank God for
you, I thank God for us…I thank God for them.  

God bless us all!
 I am Iniabasi Itama.

 This programme is proudly supported by:

Smooth 98.1fm, WTW PR,
Dorothy’s Crib,kemifilani.com, Ember Creek, olekubuzz.com,Thorned by Maffy, Mo’
bongies Make Up Artistry, D.Amano, Roc


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