My Husband Surprised Me With Our New House And A New Car – Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson flaunts baby bump

 In a recent interview with Bellanaija,  Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson got to talk about her new home in Ajah, most romantic thing her
hubby has ever done for her, how they met, the controversy surrounding
their wedding and why she chose to put to bed in the States…enjoy!

It’s great to see you Mercy. Let me start by saying that you have a beautiful home.
you. It was a surprise from my husband, Odi. He didn’t tell me about it
while we were in America and when I returned back to Nigeria, I thought
we were going to our former house but he drove me straight here. And
then he also gave me a new car with the plate number ‘Odi’s Wife’.
that’s so sweet. There’s been a lot of media attention surrounding the
birth of your daughter and her recent dedication. How does this make you

At a point, I actually felt the whole thing was over dramatized. I really appreciate the fact that some people wish
me well and are happy for me which is why I share her picture on Twitter once in a while. On my Twitter page, more than 3000 people ask me about
Purity every day. Sometimes I get overwhelmed but I’m grateful for the
love and goodwill messages and I can only say thank you.

Purity is quite a unique name. What inspired her name?

I asked my husband, he said “You. She reminds me so much of you.” He
said I have a good heart and he’d really want her to have a good heart
and clear conscience like me. And he’d wish for everything about her to
be pure.

As a first time Mom, how has the experience been so far?

magical, it’s awesome! I just can’t stop staring at her. When I was
pregnant, my sister-in-law came to the house and when her son pooped I
said “Oh my God, don’t let it touch my chair!” Then I was about six
months gone and she just looked at me and said “In three months time,
you will understand”. And really, it is true. Now when Purity poops, I
begin to dance. Everything is special. I want to clean her up myself,
dress her up myself. I just can’t explain, she makes me complete.

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Has pregnancy and motherhood affected or changed you in any way?

Well, you can see, I’ve added so much weight. But aside from my physical
appearance, having Purity has changed me so much as a person. Having her
makes me want to set the right example, to have good records so she
doesn’t get embarrassed when she’s grown. It changes my perspective to
life and the way I react to things. I tolerate things more, I overlook
things more. I love children generally but now I understand how precious
every child is to their mother so I try to treat other children the way
I’d want her to be treated if I’m not around.

But most people would call you sexy because of your figure…

me, it just runs in my family. I don’t work out or do anything. I’m
just trying now to work out and swim to lose weight and get back to work
so Odi doesn’t get to call me Orobo again. When I bath Purity in the
morning and I see the curve of her hips, I say “Oh my God, Odi. Purity
has hips” then he says, “She is just 4 months old, shut up”.

funny. Now that you mention your husband again, tell me about him. When
did you meet him and how did the love spark between both of you?
met him in 2009. We had met before on a flight and I didn’t remember
but we met again in 2009. He is a good person. I can’t really tell how
it started. We kinda clicked and started dating just about the same
month and it feels like we’ve been married for four years because since
we met, we’ve been really into each other we’ve been really close.

He must have known you were an actress then. How did this affect the way you started off your relationship?
he did, but he didn’t know I was that big because he didn’t really
follow the movie industry. Sometimes you meet some guys and they get
intimidated about you but not with him. The first time we were supposed
to have a date, he said “Let’s go to my house so you can cook for me”
and in my mind I was like “Seriously, this guy doesn’t even know my
name”. So I said “My name is Mercy Johnson” and he said “Yes I know”.

Actress, Mercy Johnson shakes social media with outfit of her baby dedication

What is the most romantic thing he has done for you recently?
got me a new diamond ring different from my wedding band. I kept saying
I want a new band, something really big and he got it for me. He is
extremely loveable.

In the weeks
before your wedding, some controversies sprang up and there were
speculations that the wedding may not hold. How were you able to pull
through this period?
 I knew my wedding was going
to hold. It is easy for people who are outside a box to try to explain
the inside of a box without coming inside. People who didn’t know
anything had lots to say. But it was fun to let them have their say. If
having your say makes you feel better, I can’t take that fun away from
you. But we in the box knew what’s up and people who wanted to know what
was going on actually came into the box and knew the truth.
Is there any particular reason why you decided to give birth to her in the USA?
I could have given birth here but I was at a point in my life where
everything meant a lot to me. By God’s grace, I got pregnant barely a
year after I got married and I just wanted everything to be fine. Not
that it wouldn’t have been fine here in Nigeria but it would be odd for
us to say we are not aware of the lapses in our health care system.


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